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24 Father’s Day Gift Ideas You Need

Father’s Day’s all wrapped up with these gifts for dads who have everything

Jessica Harding By Jessica HardingSenior Creative Buyer

Dads are some of our favourite people which means a perfectly considered Father’s Day gift is a top priority. Not only that but you may not have been able to spend as much time with yours of late, which means that this Father's Day should be even more special.

In general, men are notoriously difficult to shop for—something about being men of few words and being typically not the sort to want a big deal-making. But worry not, this selection of luxury gifts for him—from luxury home gym equipment to designer coffee table books—will put an end to any shopping woes. Read on for a Father’s Day gift guide guaranteed to impress ten times more than socks and a box of Ferrero Rocher.

Unique & Unusual Gifts For Dad

Every dad is different and so a one-gift-fits-all approach is never the best way to go. The best Father’s Day gifts are when you’ve really taken the time to think about what style of present will best suit his personality, his lifestyle and life stage. Genuine thought over generic generosity. If he’s somebody who’s drawn to all things edgy and unusual, consider a more unique Father’s Day gift that he’d never have expected to receive. Less handkerchief, more art; less nose hair trimmer, more sculpture. Or maybe a super-slick luxury watch winder (new additions from Rapport London and Wolf have got you covered). You'll definitely be the favourite.

Traveller Gifts For Dad

Is your dad the travelling type? Be it for business, pleasure or both, the avid traveller will always appreciate unwrapping a Father’s Day present that will make his international lifestyle a little easier. Imagine the sorts of things that would make hauling yourself from flight to flight and living out of a suitcase that bit less draining—a luxury throw for his flight, a leather hanger for his favourite suit or a watch roll are all winners. These Father’s Day gift ideas should be about giving him a good dose of luxury that he can enjoy as he travels or savour when he reaches his final destination to remind him of home, even in the most foreign hotel rooms.

Foodie Gifts For Dad

If you’re stuck for gift ideas for your dad, ask yourself whether he’s an avid chef Often the answer is yes or he’s at least a budding one, biding his time. Food-related gifts for dads are one of the most popular for good reason—they either enable and enrich an existing culinary hobby or they ignite one that’s been waiting to emerge. Even better, what makes these an especially good Father’s Day gift is that you can suggest he try out his new cookware equipment for you to sample whatever it is he’s whipped up. Fingers crossed it will be a taste sensation rather than a failed attempt as he begins to work his way around the kitchen.

Hosting Gifts For Dad

Often cooking and entertaining skills go hand in hand (if this is the case for your dad, then you could combine a food- and hosting-related father's day gift). Sometimes the case may be that, where he falls short in the kitchen, he more than makes up for it as hosting extraordinaire. If this scenario sounds familiar, another option for a thoughtful Father’s Day present is the kind that helps him to be the host with the most. Cast your mind back to events been and gone—is he more of a board games night host in need of some smart additions to his collection? Or is he a drinks soirée kind of guy with gaps in his mixologist’s arsenal that you could help to fill with a stainless cocktail shaker?

Gifts for Stylish Dads

If your dad is a dedicated follower of fashion, Father’s Day is a perfect time to treat him to something a little more special than the usual tie. Here, think about luxurious materials that you know will make him swoon. Shagreen, silk, cashmere, alpaca, premium leather and glossy wood are all textures that the style-conscious dad will lap up. And remember, just because he’s into fashion, doesn’t mean that your gift needs to be something he can wear. Shift the style focus into the home and gift him something that he can admire every day of the week, read, or keep for special occasions to remind him of you each time it sees use. Choose a great fashion book, a cool men's jewellery box or a leather suit stand.

Gifts For Dads-To-Be

The idea of buying a present for men who are about to become fathers is not one that everyone subscribes to, but it is an idea growing more and more popular. Why? Because everyone loves a reason to buy a gift and because it celebrates the momentous day that’s just around the corner. If this is something you’re thinking of doing for your partner, there are three routes that you can go down. A) The one where you buy keepsakes that will be ready to jump into action when baby arrives. B) The one where you choose gifts that are all about him and relishing in pre-parent freedom. Or C) The one where you gear him up for some hard months ahead (lack of sleep anyone?) by encouraging some pre-baby relaxation.

First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Just like presents for soon-to-be fathers, gifts for dads who are newly appointed are always going to be picked out by somebody other than the child—unless yours is a very advanced baby indeed. New fathers are likely to want and need a few things—presents that are sentimental and that treasure the bond between parent and child (aka photo frames) or presents that are a bit more indulgent and luxurious so he feels pampered in those rare moments of rest and recuperation. This lap tray for the occasional breakfast in bed is the perfect luxury Father’s Day gift idea. And for those nights when mum can finally go out and dad's on babysitting duties? You can't go wrong with some good reading as he watches over your bundle of joy.