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Behind The Brand: Laskasas

Elevating contemporary Portuguese furniture with updated Mid-century silhouettes and winning newcomers

Jonathon Warren By Jonathon WarrenCommercial Director

Portuguese powerhouse Laskasas represents a luxury furniture brand for contemporary design fans—those who appreciate fine craftsmanship, flawless materials and timeless design and which don’t equate them to intricate wood carving, nor opulent fabrics, nor historical silhouettes.

Creating collectibles for the home is only a fragment of its raison d’être (or razão de ser as the Portuguese would say). So crucial is heritage to its ethos, Laskasas sees its existence as playing a defining role in the fabric of Portugal’s furniture-making present and future. With LuxDeco’s Jonathon Warren as orator, here we delve deeper into what it means to design for Laskasas.

Rewriting modern history from 2003 to today

Laskasas is a name known and appreciated in the interiors industry, and so it is surprising to realise that it is yet to reach its 20th years in business. Founded in 2003 in a small town close to Porto, its CEO Celso Lascasas had clear intentions to form a brand responsible for the highest quality and innovation in every aspect of home decor. 17 years on, and he can proudly look back on achieving everything he had set out to do, and indeed more.

Laskasas | Behind The Brand | Portuguese Furniture | Marble Side Table | Orange Chaise Longue |

Image Credit: Laskasas

Like so many homegrown brands, there is often a keen interest in honouring its country’s heritage, building from it and building on it. Lascasas knew that abandoning precision in detail and meticulous standards would be to betray his Portuguese roots, and so it is this fastidious nature that has always retained at the core of his creations.

But so too is innovation, propelling Portugal to the forefront of intelligent interior design. With multi-disciplinary specialisms spanning furniture, upholstery and metalwork as well as highly bespoke commissions, Laskasas has earned itself a global reputation for designing collections with no limits.

‘We decorate life’ is its far-beyond-the-box mission statement.

The Laskasas name isn’t the reserve of one company alone. In fact, it is part of the wider Laskasas Group—a network of designers and retailers in the interiors space.

Amongst the group’s brands are Domkapa, the leader in luxury sofas for the modern living room, and Serralux which focuses on metal furniture, be it modern desks or dining tables, for corporate clients, amongst others. Together, they form a luxury furniture force for good, singing the praises of Portugal on the world’s stage.

Laskasas | Behind The Brand | Portuguese Furniture | Modern Living Room |

Image Credit: Laskasas

Laskasas—Created in Portugal. Created by Portugal

Another of Laskasas’ brand mottos has to be ‘Created in Portugal. Created by Portugal’. Nothing drives home the provenance message more. When one invests in a piece designed and made by Laskasas, they entrust that this is an object with the reputation of a nation resting upon it. Its design team is powered by the respect it has for Portugal’s design pedigree, the desire to uphold it and, better still, improve on it.

Metal tables are welded with surgical precision, modern sofas and armchairs and upholstered by hand to ensure not a stitch is overlooked… Thus, Celso has opened up a culture that champions the art of doing things well. The Laskasas team sees this as very much being a two-way street between designer and client, opening up the channels to co-create through its tailor-made service and its other brand motto: you idealise, we create.

Whether bespoke or not, all things Laskasas are produced in its northern Portugal home so that design, creation and finishing can reside in close quarters, thus further ensuring quality and standards are maintained.

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Image Credit: Laskasas

Masters of Mid-Century. Creators of the Contemporary

Unlike many designers, Laskasas is not governed by a singular aesthetic. From its design team comes pieces that have a clear Fifties mood, exemplified in its media units where the legs are necessarily tapered and angled outwards and there’s commonly a mixture of timber and coloured panels. But equally, you can expect to see Art Deco influence (its Lyssa console table with its elliptical base and glamorous polished marble surface is a case in point) and contemporary concepts in its lighting and modern sofas and beds.

There’s a keen emphasis on the sculptural, depth of texture and colour, and the confidence to not shy away from those materials deemed more opulent. And there’s an equally acute emphasis on learning from the decorative arts of their ancestors, from azulejos (painted tin-glazed ceramic tile), gold leaf gilding and hand embroidery.

For it is in this rich history that the Laskasas designers are able to absorb, to learn and to reimagine new interpretations of modernist decor, marching them down the proverbial catwalk and into the homes of interior enthusiasts both far and wide.

Laskasas | Behind The Brand | Portuguese Furniture | Modern Dining Room |

Image Credit: Laskasas