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9 Best Decorative Vases To Buy For Your Home

These decorative vases will look beautiful anywhere in your home

Jessica Harding By Jessica HardingSenior Creative Buyer

Should your mantel, window ledge or occasional table be looking on the bare side, LuxDeco’s Senior Creative Buyer Jessica Harding has helpfully put together her summary of nine of the best vases to have in the home.

From contemporary ceramics to prisms of coloured glass and fine cut crystal, a nice vase is far from being hard to find thanks to this round-up. You may well find that your vase of choice remains unfilled however, for these are vases that are beautiful with or without blooms...

Cream Crackle Long Neck Vase - 9 Best Decorative Vases To Buy For Your Home - Style Guide -

1. Cream Crackle Long Neck Vase

Let’s start with this terribly elegant ceramic vase that looks as though it’s fresh off the potter’s wheel. Handmade, it has a raw texture and the charming inconsistencies that go hand in hand with a true artisanal piece – meaning that each and every one is its own, unique work of art. The added copper drizzle at the spout ups its luxe factor.

BRAND: Alex McCarthy

PRICE: £150

Antique Gold Sea Star Vase - 9 Best Decorative Vases To Buy For Your Home -

2. Antique Gold Sea Star Vase

By their very nature, vases are decorative, but note the difference between a vase that is decorative and a decorative vase. This golden vase is a case in point; it acts as an appealing objet whether it houses an arrangement or not. I especially love this one on display in autumn and winter months – there’s something so seasonal about it.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £40

Calla Lily Rose Bowl Vase - 9 Best Decorative Vases To Buy For Your Home -

3. Calla Lily Rose Bowl Vase

Michael Aram’s pieces are always easy to identify – elegantly whimsical and exquisitely crafted. This pretty vase is no exception with its stainless steel body that looks almost fluid in finish. Intertwined with two trumpet-headed brass flowers, inside they’re coloured in white enamel so that yours is a vase always in company of beautiful blooms.

BRAND: Michael Aram

PRICE: £181

Fume & Amber Triangle Vase 1 - 9 Best Decorative Vases To Buy For Your Home -

4. Fume & Amber Triangle Vase 1

A Brazilian piece, this amber-hued glass vase is majestic and then some. The silhouette is tall and slender and especially looks the part in rooms with a high-ceiling as it emphasises its elongated proportions. It suits a single stem as much as a fuller arrangement, or, creates an ornamental arrangement with the vases from the rest of the collection.

BRAND: Cà D’oro

PRICE: £425

XL Linen Jar - 9 Best Decorative Vases To Buy For Your Home -

5. XL Linen Jar

This cream-coloured vase is a classic urn shape inspired by the Grecian pots of old. Its most captivating feature however is that it’s ceramic body is in fact wrapped in strips of handwoven linen. Tactile, textured and worthy of being displayed as an ornament all by itself, but if preferred, simply take the lid off and fill accordingly.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £400

Star Fruit Vase - 9 Best Decorative Vases To Buy For Your Home -

6. Star Fruit Vase

Another option should you be seeking something other than a traditional glass vase, here we have a Portuguese ceramic creation with an appealing matte white glaze – the sort that you’ll want to touch each time you walk past it. A minimalist, architectural piece, it will fit into modern interiors as much as those in period properties.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £90

South Beach Vase - 9 Best Decorative Vases To Buy For Your Home -

7. South Beach Vase

Any piece from the designers at Reflections Copenhagen is guaranteed to spark conversation. Always striking and always playful in palette, this particular vase shows clear Art Deco inspiration with its fan-like flare that comes alive when it’s overflowing with flowers. Crafted from hand-cut crystal, it’s a prime example of contemporary craftsmanship.

BRAND: Reflections Copenhagen

PRICE: £473

Grace Tall Vase - 9 Best Decorative Vases To Buy For Your Home -

8. Grace Tall Vase

Now to a piece that is a far more pared-down representation of contemporary design. Greg Natale’s creations are synonymous with bold forms and daring splashes of colour, but here, he offers more restraint with a top vase for people who love the pizzazz of polished brass but with a sleek silhouette. Fill with white orchids for the ultimate luxury.

BRAND: Greg Natale

PRICE: £1,382

Forest Green Round Vase - 9 Best Decorative Vases To Buy For Your Home -

9. Forest Green Round Vase

A green vase is an impactful way to reference the verdant stems that rest inside, hidden from view but by no means forgotten. For a round vase like this by the prestigious Aerin, suits shorter arrangements where the flower heads sit in line with, or slightly above, the 10-carat gold rim – think white Icelandic poppies or pink hellebores for winter.


PRICE: £295