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Country Comforts

Cosy and welcoming, refined rustic is our favourite autumn look by a country mile.

Whilst we might not be set to go into complete hibernation mode yet – ok, maybe just a little – autumn, to us, definitely marks a notable change in our priorities. The browning leaves and ever-crisping air means staying at home, layering up and prepping ourselves and our homes for the hopefully not-too-long winter. Gone is our desire to be al fresco every minute of the day and instead we crave curling up on the sofa with a mug of something steamy amidst equally comforting accents. And, we don’t know about you, but it’s a no brainer for us that nowhere enjoys autumn quite the way the country does.

It’s in its grand open spaces that we can really appreciate the daily changes of the landscape and it’s in its cosy homes that our autumnal decor really comes into play. Think rich woods, traditional textiles and a mind-tricking, warming colour palette to perfect the cosy country look. And forget when in Rome – we say that when in the country, do as the countrymen do. That means all things equestrian, the best of British and tartan in carefully-controlled doses for a stylish look. Season-appropriate colours range from magnificent ochre through burnt orange and vibrant vermillion to deliciously dark umber, combined, of course, with tactile fabrics and plenty of leather. Add in a roaring fire and it’s a brilliantly sensory experience which we defy anyone to dislike. And, since you’re channeling country, remember to incorporate something organic. Nothing captures the essence of the great outdoors like a basketful of freshly chopped logs or a display of autumn foliage. To keep rooms fresh rather than old-fashioned, accent with tailored lighting, polished hardware and comforts of the luxurious sort like delectable candle fragrances and crisp white linens. So, whip out the cashmere and strike up the fire – it’s time to get cosy.

Image courtesy of Katharine Pooley.