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Slice Of Paradise

Nicky Dobree on how to create that perfect holiday home

Award-winning designer Nicky Dobree teaches us how to create the perfect holiday home by channeling the glamour of the 1950s starlets who once graced the Riviera. Complete with a perennial colour palette of sands, beiges and monochromatic details, plus the perfect poolside entertaining area, this gorgeous property by Dobree is our idea of holiday heaven. Here are Dobree’s top three tips for creating a your own slice of paradise.


“Decorate with the things that you love. Choose pieces from the local area and mix them with pieces that you have collected over time.”


“Work with the natural materials from the area. Here, I have exposed the original stone on all the floors. I have used natural linens to upholster the furniture and mixed in different textures of the accessories.”

Fabrics & Finishes

“It is all about the look that you want to achieve. I have used a lot of natural linens for the upholstery and contrasted it with textures in the cushions and throws. For practicality use removable covers as I have on the armchairs.”