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DEVIEHL: The World’s Most Luxurious Coffee Cups

Drinking coffee will never be the same again

Jessica Harding By Jessica HardingSenior Creative Buyer

The world’s most exquisite coffee ought to be served in an equally exquisite cup but, until the arrival of artisan brand DEVIEHL, coffee connoisseurs were lacking an appropriately luxurious drinking solution. Not only has the brand succeeded in creating arguably the world’s most beautiful coffee cup – exalting a humble household essential to stylish new heights – but it has also revolutionised the coffee drinking experience with its ingenious design.

Like so many of the very best luxury brands, DEVIEHL believes in doing one thing and doing it exceptionally well, swiftly surpassing competitors with its impeccable standards. Its signature three-piece sets consist of an innovative conical cup, an elegant chassis (which keeps the cup neatly in place thanks to its rubber retaining system) and a super-sleek stainless steel spoon. Each cup is hand-created by highly skilled craftsmen using technologically advanced materials. They’re also tactile and finely proportioned in shape and size for a natural hold to provide a sublime drinking experience.

While the brand stays true to its trademark silhouette, it’s nevertheless unafraid to experiment with colours and patterns in its collections, playing with exotic materials packed with individual characteristics. It’s also fearless when it comes to collaborative projects, lending its cups as canvases to talented artists to showcase their creative hand.

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Image Credit: DEVIEHL

Mutual Interests

The concept is the brainchild of Andreas Bös and Jonathan Strauss and borne of their mutual desire to find the perfect coffee cup. This vision, alongside Strauss’ background in luxury watch manufacturing and Bös’ talents for technical innovation, inspired the pair to take matters into their own hands in 2011. “As passionate coffee drinkers, we realised that coffee had become a luxury yet the cups we were using remained predominantly white and nondescript,” Strauss says.

With an equal determination to ignite a return to beautiful handcrafted goods in the modern-day realm of disposable products, the twosome set upon engineering the antithesis of the ordinary coffee cup. And they did so with undoubted success, creating a true work of art to stand the test of time.

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Image Credit: DEVIEHL

Attention to Detail

What’s the secret behind the innovative drinking solutions? It’s a combined effort of artisanal craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology that makes the creations come life. From the design process to the crafting techniques, it take 35 careful steps to ensure the designs are nothing short of perfection. Every technical masterpiece is made up of an impressive 25 separate components, including leading insulation technology and a fine porcelain coating to keep coffee at optimum drinking temperature for longer.

And possibly the most desirable characteristic of these out-of-this-world cups is their ability to optimise maximum froth formation. “The shape of a traditional cup isn’t conducive to maximising the froth that makes a great cup of coffee,” Bös explains, and that’s why the inner form of DEVIEHL cups are contoured to create a vortex when the coffee is poured, enhancing every nuance of flavour and that all-important crema.

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Image Credit: DEVIEHL

Exotic Materials

A fusion of the finest materials is intrinsic to every single creation thanks to the founders’ dedicated time and attention to sourcing the most perfect materials from around the world. Exotic woods from Cocobolo to Zebrano, gathered from sustainable plantations and hand-turned by specialists in Germany, are a firm favourite with the brand because of their natural beauty and flexibility. Carbon fibre is also a key ingredient in many of the designs to bring extreme strength and rigidity while marble determines the individual colour and natural characteristics of others. The brand refuses to waver when it comes to standards so its unique leather cups are, of course, crafted with exquisite skins only from certified origins and applied to the cups by French traditional artisans. We’d expect nothing else from a brand with such a steadfast penchant for incredible materials, artisan craftsmanship and ground-breaking innovation.