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French Fancy

Curate a chic chateau look with a relaxed sensibility

Halfway between the courtly opulence of the Palace of Versailles and a charming Gallic farmhouse – two instantly recognisable French styles – the chateau is the epitome of the country’s world-famous elegance. Traditionally, the style is characterised by ornate furniture in the influential Louis XIV, XV and XVI styles, upholstered in rich fabrics, seriously glitzy crystal chandeliers and decorative accents.

Nowadays the style is less formal but equally as captivating. The modern incarnation of the style (check out this calming living room interior by London-based Todhunter Earle Interiors) retains all of its ancestor’s romantic sentiment whilst exuding a welcoming appeal – imagine it as traditional chateau but at the weekend.

Instead of a saturated colour palette, it leans towards one of creamy neutrals; painted white woods are slightly aged as a nod to its historical precedence; domineering chandeliers are replaced by more discreet classic contemporary lighting options; and the eye is less distracted by competing patterns in favour of subtle motifs.

The result? A heavenly setting which stylishly references a classic aesthetic whilst whispering sophistication.