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How To Decorate With Colour In Your Home Interior

Take advantage of the power of colour with carefully chosen tones and stand-out pieces

Most people find themselves having a love/hate relationship with colour – a design element which creative influentials from Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky (“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul”) to fashion master Christian Dior (“White and black might be sufficient but why deprive yourself of colour?”) have waxed poetical about.

It’s loved for its ability to transform an outfit or a room instantly but there’s always the tricky business of knowing how to style it and, more importantly, when enough’s enough. Our exclusive Lessons In Colour edit was created to show that even the most timid decorators amongst us can benefit from a little splash of something vibrant. Take the challenge to step out of the shade of neutrals and into the transformative light of colour with these inspired arrangements.

LuxDeco Style Guide

1. How to Decorate with the Colour Turquoise

The captivating tones of crystal blue waters, Art Deco icons like LA’s Eastern Columbia building and the Aztec empire’s mosaic inlays instantly turn thoughts to this vibrant hue. Teamed with golden accents and a few classic staples, the hue really pops.

LuxDeco Style Guide

2. How to Decorate with the Colour Mustard

Yellow tones can prove challenging for a residential interior and most people shy away from them. An easy way to incorporate the invigorating colour into your scheme is by opting for a mature mustard palette. Crisp white or pale grey accents, dark woods and coordinating golden tones result in a sophisticated scheme which is irresistibly inviting.

LuxDeco Style Guide

3. How to Decorate with the Colour Pink

One of the biggest misunderstandings about pink is that it can’t be used by anyone who’s not an 8-year-old girl. Rewrite any previous impressions you may have by styling with a carefully chosen palette and barely-there silhouettes. Any floral additions should have had a contemporary update.

LuxDeco Style Guide

4. How to Decorate with the Colour Navy

Navy is an interesting and equally sophisticated alternative to black. Unlike black though, its colour element makes it well-suited to less serious schemes. Fun patterned cushions and statement-making proportions can be matched with classic touches for twist on timeless style.