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Inside The Coveteur

Explore the stylish and fun world of the hit website

It’s now one of the most coveted spaces to be featured in and certainly one of the most inspirational fashion sites too. We caught up with one of its founders, the gorgeous Erin Kleinberg, to discuss personal style.

From Anna Dello Russo’s elaborate accessories portfolio to Tracy Taylor’s highly organised shoe collection, and from Hugh Hefner’s extensive shirt wardrobe, to my personal favourite, Miroslava Duma’s enviable home – if you’re not familiar with the work of The Coveteur ( then, I ask, where have you been living for past two years? Offering a Selby-style insider peek into the closets of editors, tastemakers, designers and bloggers, The Coveteur takes you inside the wardrobes of the fashionable set and offers an expertly styled look at how their sartorial choices
are made each day.

Founded by Toronto-natives Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark, the site was launched in early 2011 along with talented photographer Jake Rosenberg. The day The Coveteur went live they had 20,000 hits and it crashed. The likes of everyone from to Vogue were taking note and The Coveteur has been a fashionable force to be reckoned with since.

The trio’s combined resume reads like a who’s who of the fashion world, with Erin having launched a clothing line at the age of 20 that is now sold in over 80 stores worldwide including Intermix and Barneys. She has also worked with some of the most influential individuals in the industry including Alex White, W’s fashion director. Stephanie’s background is in styling having interned at 3.1 Phillip Lim and Intermix. She also has editorial experience working at publications such as Harper’s Bazaar and ELLE and has styled Jennifer Connelly, Michelle Williams, Charlize Theron and Julianne Moore. Finally, Jake has assisted Chris Nicholls and lent his rising-star skills to collaborations with Vogue, ELLE, Teen Vogue.

Now almost two years on, lots of travelling between Toronto, LA, New York, London and Paris to photograph wardrobes, as well as collaborations with some of the most venerated fashion publications, the site is now undergoing some exciting changes. Including a focus on video, mobile and Shop This Look, one goal that was clear from the start for this enterprising trio was that they eventually wanted to move the site into an e-commerce space. As the site continues to develop we sat down with Erin Kleinberg to talk about her personal style and current obsessions.

Q&A with Erin

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in a cupboard?

Shoes! Put there by me and Steph, of course.

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


What is your greatest source of inspiration?

Fashion, art, pop culture, movies and colour.

What fictional character do you most identify with and why?

Cher from Clueless. Duh! We both have the same dilemma about being picky about our shoes.

Who is your style icon and why?

I have too many to name!

Current obsession?

Breeze by KD t-shirts.

If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My Isabel Marant leather jacket, a crisp white blouse, black slouchy trousers and my studded Christian Louboutin Rollerboys. Or maybe my Isabel Marant sneakers.

If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

Everyday I’m Hustlin’ by Rick Ross.

Whose home would you most like to steal?

Tara Swennen or Karla Welch – both stylists whose aesthetics are so spot on with mine, in the closet and home.

Erin’s Edit

“The secret to developing personal style is taking a trend and making it your own. Hearing the rules and then completely breaking them.”