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London Design Week

An inside look into emerging interior trends

Some might say that trends are a fickle beast but we can’t agree. Yes, certain styles will remain eternally stylish (for which both we and our credit cards are grateful) and certain looks should never be recreated (hopefully the avocado bathroom has died with the dinosaurs) but these seasonal changes keep our spaces looking fabulously fresh – a sensation which can’t be achieved without some sort of style evolution.

In the hopes of going straight to the source, we attended the Fashion Meets Interiors Masterclass which showcased an illustrious panel of oracles – Livingetc editor Suzanne Imre, designer Allegra Hicks, stylist Marianne Cotterill and interior gurus Eleanora Cunietti (of Carden Cunietti) and Shaun Clarkson. Here’s our ultimate round up of what they’re keeping their eye on this season.

  1. Colour

    “I think you’ll see a lot of colour and people not afraid to mix it. You’d be surprised which colours go together. There are virtually none that don’t work together. Find one key piece and style around it.”
    Marianne Cotterill, Stylist, Livingetc

    Marianne Cotterill

  2. Fashion

    “It’s interesting because some people look at fashion from an interiors point of view and you never think [they] look to interior trends when actually they do. Staple pieces are important in interiors as well as fashion.”
    Allegra Hicks, Fashion Designer

  3. Allegra Hicks

  4. Vintage

    “Furniture is still sticking with the retro vibe and the vintage look – a lot more wood is being featured. I’m also liking pastel colours with a pop of neon.”
    Vanessa Fernandes, Assistant Furniture Designer, Designers Guild

  5. Vanessa Fernandes

  6. Pattern Play

    “Mismatched patterns and checks and surprises. I love the idea of having two chairs – the natural thing being to upholster them in the same fabric. But actually, make them two slightly competing fabrics so they’re a French pair – they don’t quite match. Also, eclecticism – anything goes! Dark colours make a small room become an infinite space. Don’t be frightened, just paint a wall and see how you get on with it. You end up throwing the rules out of the window.”
    Shaun Clarkson, Interior Designer

  7. Shaun Clarkson

  8. Emerald

    “Emerald and cobalt blue. It’s also about technology and how technology has changed things. The difference [LEDs] made on lighting is massive as well as laser cutting with materials such as stone and wood.”
    Eleanora Cunietti, Interior designer, Carden Cunietti

  9. Eleanora Cunietti

  10. Architecture

    “We’ve been looking at ancient architecture – Egypt and Neptune. Ornate but plain and simple as well – it might be very ornate with no colour or a lot of colour with simple outlines.”
    Suzanne Imre, Editor, Livingetc

  11. Suzanne Imre

  12. Retro

    “The retro feeling will still be a hit. My favourite colour combination would be turquoise and orange. I’m crazy for wallpapers and I love armchairs.”
    Michaela Di Carlo, Interiors Journalist

  13. Michaela Carlos

  14. Ombre

    “With our fabrics we’re doing a lot of pale jades, the tie dye look and also ombre is sticking around. Personally I’m obsessed with yellow and chartreuse”
    Hannah Radford, Showroom Designer, Designers Guild

  15. Hannah Radford