Following the UK leaving the EU there has been a significant change in the way taxes are handled for our EU customers.

Will my order be affected by Brexit?

Brexit came into effect on January 31st 2021 which means that any orders placed after this date will be subject to local taxes on arrival in your delivery country. If your order was placed before this point your order will not be affected as your order included VAT (UK tax at 20%). If you are unsure if your order included VAT or not please speak to our Customer Care Team on +44 20 3322 8665 or use the form below.

Will I need to pay additional charges?

Yes, subject to duties and taxes on arrival. For an estimate please contact our Customer Care Team on +44 20 3322 8665 or use the form below

Is my shipping address subject to VAT?

Member State Country Code Normal rate
Germany DE 19%
Austria AT 20%
Belgium BE 21%
Bulgaria BG 20%
Cyprus CY 19%
Croatia HR 25%
Czech Republic CZ 21%
Denmark DK 25%
Spain ES 21%
Estonia EE 20%
Finland FI 24%
France FR 20%
Greece EL 24%
Hungary HU 27%
Ireland IE 23%
Italy IT 22%
Latvia LV 21%
Lituania LT 21%
Luxembourg LU 17%
Malta MT 18%
Netherlands NL 21%
Poland PL 23%
Portugal PT 23%
Romania RO 19%
Slovakia SK 20%
Slovenia SI 22%
Sweden SE 25%

How will I pay my charges?

You will be contacted directly by our shipping partner with a payment link via SMS or email. Please ensure that your telephone number and email are correct on your order to ensure your order won’t be delayed. Most major card providers will be accepted, excluding American Express. Kindly note you will have 14 days to make this payment.

What happens if I don’t want to pay these charges?

Your order will be returned to LuxDeco and will be refunded minus your original shipping charges.

Will my order be affected by delays or stuck at the border?

LuxDeco and our shipping partner will endeavour to ensure that there are no delays, however we cannot guarantee that there will be no delays at a specific border entry point.

Will orders placed pre-brexit be subject to additional charges?

No, pre-Brexit orders for delivery to Europe included VAT and as such will not be subject to further charges.

Is it possible to pay all duties and taxes up front?

Yes, this is possible on a case by case basis. To enquire, please contact our Customer Care Team on +44 20 3322 8665 or use the form below.

How do I confirm if my charges are correct?

Should you feel that you are being charged incorrectly, please reach out to our Customer Care team who will be able to advise.

How do taxes work with white glove delivery?

The process will be the same as listed above, however you will be contacted by LuxDeco to pay your shipment charges. Kindly note that delays in payment will affect your delivery.

What happens if I need to change my delivery address?

Please reach out to our Customer Care Team to confirm your new delivery address. They will be able to make the necessary changes and advise on any additional charges that may occur.