The Outdoor Collection

From bucolic British retreats to refined townhouse gardens and sundrenched Mediterranean expanses, your outdoor space should look and feel like an extension of your home. No matter your style, these pieces are capable of transforming your outdoor space into an al fresco experience you’ll want to last year-round.

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The Biophilic Lookbook

Rooted in your wellbeing, biophilic design brings natural textures and elements inside the home. From plants to wooden tables, this aesthetic not only looks and feels tranquil but it is proven to have numerous health benefits. Interior by Laura Hammett.

View The Biophilic Lookbook now and read more with our guide on what is biophilic design.

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The Summer House Lookbook

A rustic style that even the most committed city dweller can get on board with, the Summer House lookbook has launched and it’s the tranquil, light-filled out-of-town retreat we’ve all been dreaming of. Light, space and slow living, this lookbook makes the eternal summer a well-designed reality

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The Paris Lookbook

Consider for a moment the classic sensibility of Parisian design, reimagined with a contemporary aesthetic, and you’ll arrive at The Paris Lookbook. The lookbook—designed by LuxDeco Studio—nods to the elegant allure of Parisian design, striking an easy balance between sophisticated, considered pieces with modernist sensibilities.

Explore our article Introducing The Paris Lookbook to find out more.

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The Sloane Lookbook

Somewhere between casual effortlessness and fine living is found the Sloane Collection. A masterclass in the art of balance, it’s one which tiptoes gracefully between two styles—minimally-minded modernism on one side and classically-inspired traditionalism on the other—and unites them with ease.

Explore and Shop 'The Style Guide'.

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The Wimbledon Lookbook

Casual living has a refined new look courtesy of the Wimbledon Lookbook which rethinks the relationship between life, luxury and design, creating a design narrative that’s layered, personal and inviting. Shop the lookbook or discover the story behind our newest collection here.

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The Surrey Lookbook

Introducing our newest lookbook, The Surrey Lookbook. Combining classic and contemporary styles in the form of clean lines, unique lighting, luxurious deep-seated sofas and a timeless colour palette, the lookbook's living room captures the relaxed spirit of modern family living. 

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The Riverside Apartment Lookbook

Discover Riverside Apartment, the Spring Summer Lookbook. Curated to capture the essence of luxury riverside living with modern lines, mixed materials and subtle glamour. Discover our bespoke furniture pieces and contemporary home decor.

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The Coastal Elegance Lookbook

Inspired by country interior design elements, the Coastal Elegance Lookbook offers a relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic. Organic accents meet tranquil sea tones and stately furniture designs to make this look a timeless classic.

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The Townhouse Lookbook

A lookbook which draws on London's world-renowned design heritage, The Townhouse combines luxurious upholstery, sophisticated colour palettes and refined finishing touches.

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The Tailored Penthouse Lookbook

Presenting the Tailored Penthouse Lookbook – the height of city styling. Anchor your space with sleek upholstery and Art Deco-inspired furniture designs, then discover the power of accessorising with refined navy and teal accents. Striking the ultimate balance between luxe and modern just got easy.

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The Refined Monochrome Lookbook

Maximalist in its contradictions and minimalist in its simplicity, our Refined Monochrome Lookbook showcases the power the of black and white interiors via daring accessories, high-impact furniture and sculptural lighting designs.

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The Eaton Square Lookbook

Curated with London’s most prestigious residential location in mind, the Eaton Square Lookbook channels the distinction of a traditional London home, realised in an elegantly contemporary manner. A luxury furniture range designed in collaboration with fine English furniture maker Justin Van Breda is at its heart.

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The Metropolitan Luxe Lookbook

Blending refined silhouettes with sophisticated hues, glamorous touches and subtle nods to Art Deco design, capture the allure of luxurious cosmopolitan living with our Metropolitan Luxe collection.

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