By submitting your CV or Job Application to LuxDeco Ltd you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in the LuxDeco Ltd Recruitment Policy.

A job applicants' CV and contact details, including but not limited to your name, email address, postal address, telephone number and other personal and employment information, are termed as "personal data" under the Data Protection Act 1998. We will follow the principles set out in that Act when processing your personal data. By sending us your personal details and CV, you consent to LuxDeco Ltd (Registered office: 9th Floor 107 Cheapside, London, EC2V 6DN) holding and processing both electronically and manually, this data for the purposes of recruitment and for compliance with applicable laws, procedures and regulations.

All the personal data that we obtain from you in reference to employment is held securely on our secure third party network “Workable” and where we feel necessary (in the event a suitable role may arise in the future) stored for up to 6 months, in which case you will be notified. Your personal details, including your name, e-mail address and CV, are held and used by us for matching your details with job vacancies, to assist us in finding you the position that most suits you at LuxDeco Ltd.

Your CV will be stored in confidential folders within workable and is only accessible by the LuxDeco Management Team. Where appropriate, your CV will also be e-mailed directly to our line managers who will review your details against a specific vacancy.

In the event that Personal Data as requested is not provided, LuxDeco Ltd may reject job applications, such Personal Data being required to evaluate candidates during the assessment and recruitment process as well as to contact and correspond with them to respond to such applications. Furthermore, should applicants be employed by LuxDeco Ltd, all Personal Data can be incorporated into a Personal Data file and will be used for the purposes of employee administration (including payrolls, pensions, work management and other employee-related matters).

With respect to the processing of Personal Data carried out by LuxDeco Ltd, applicants maintain the rights granted to Data Subjects in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, such as, in particular, the right to receive confirmation as to the existence or non-existence of such Personal Data, the manner in which such Personal Data is used, the right to obtain the communication, in an understandable form, of the processed Personal Data and of their origin, together with information regarding the motives for processing such Personal Data. You may also request that such data is removed should you not be employed by LuxDeco Ltd, or make updates to your CV at any time, or otherwise modify or request that such Personal Data be made anonymous.

Job applicants can update their CV simply by following the same procedure as before to submit a new CV, which will be used to replace the former CV. You have the right at any time to ask us for a copy of your Personal Data, although we will charge an administrative fee of £10 for supplying such information. If job applicants do not wish LuxDeco Ltd to use their Personal Data for recruitment purposes, they should not apply for job vacancies with LuxDeco Ltd.

Should you have any queries about LuxDeco Ltd data protection policies you should contact the LuxDeco Data Protection Officer by writing to LuxDeco Ltd, Data Protection Officer, 15 Bishopsgate/WeWork, London EC2N 3AR.

LuxDeco Ltd are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for people to develop careers regardless of any differences. This means that no employee or job applicant shall receive less favourable treatment because of his or her gender, marital status, religion or belief, ethnic, cultural or national origins, disability, sexual orientation, age or any other condition that cannot be shown to be justifiable.