Founded by East London Designer Nosca Inc, 17 Patterns curates and translates the work of specially commissioned artists to the most beautiful cushion fabrics and wall coverings. Intensely textured and ultra-colourful, a carefully curated mix of the brand’s gallery-worthy pieces will give your space an instant artistic edge.

Talking crafting techniques, design inspiration and tips on styling his cushions in space, we caught up with founder Nosca to hear the story behind this innovative British brand.

What inspired you found 17 Patterns?

17 Patterns was founded to produce British made luxury interior art products in 2015. As a designer and art curator, I have always had a strong interest in how art and design present itself within an interior. I had a strong belief that interior design could accommodate art and pattern in a much bigger way. My intention was to pull art out of the picture frame, extending the boundaries of how these creative statements can exist within a room. My inspiration was collaboration; a passion to curate and design alongside multiple artists, drawing on individual skills to deliver a combination of styles into one vision – the pattern.

Can you tell us the meaning behind the brand name?

The brand derives its name from the mathematical classification of a two-dimensional repetitive pattern, first proven by the Evgraf Fedorov in 1891. Fedorov concluded that there are 17 distinct symmetry groups that enable a pattern to repeat infinitely. To create a repeat pattern without using one or more of the 17 Patterns is impossible. For an interiors brand using repeat patterns, it’s the perfect name.

What qualities do you look for when selecting artists to work with?

I’m looking for a distinct edge and rawness, a style that’s peppered with intrigue and originality. A shared vision; where curation and collaboration are paramount. It’s about believing in the talent of artists and their work; commanding skills and developing ideas through experimentation. This type of collaborative journey is achieved through a mutual trust and respect; artists need to feel comfortable with their work being edited and reinvented. It is this organic and often experimental approach to our design that enables me, 17 Patterns, and its collaborators to deliver unique interior patterns beyond their original art aesthetic.

LuxDeco Style Guide

LuxDeco Style Guide

What are the cushion covers and fillings made from?

The cushion covers are manufactured using luxurious cotton velvet fabric; our sumptuous 100% feather inners are handmade and stuffed with a superb-quality feather.

Do you use any specialist techniques to create the designs?

Our work is evolved through a variety of imaginative, unconventional techniques and creative processes. Embracing the past, present and future, our artistry infuses both tradition and technology. Nature often provides us with an extra helping hand – this unpredictable organic force features heavily throughout our Debut Collection. During the development of our Cloudbusting pattern, freshly painted works were exposed to rainstorms. The rainwater hitting the wet paint coupled with the wind’s air flow formed movement on the canvas, creating delicate pigment blends and subtle textures. These naturally dried gradations of colour were then re-coloured and digitally manipulated into dynamic repeat patterns.

What kind of interiors do you envisage the cushions in?

Our cushions and artworks are designed for style-conscious consumers. Our statement patterns complement a variety of interior styles, adding contemporary art accents and lavish ornamentation into both period and modern interiors around the globe. From West London Town Houses to 5 Star New York Hotels; our cushions deliver on-trend colour and style, with impeccable comfort and quality.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?

Yes, Beyond Nebulous in green/blue. It has a beautifully rich colour blend – the petrol blue tones almost have an oil like appearance in certain lights.

The original artwork was first inspired by a series of satellite images that capture the formation of toxic waste and pollution on earth. British contemporary artist – Paris and I developed the idea of physically using the earth’s pollution to naturally forge the design. I guess the painting tells the tale of something hazardous and confused, transforming into sublime beauty. Through its colour and composition, this portrait of the satellite imagery is reinterpreted by the very elements it set out to capture. It’s nature’s very own ‘selfie’.

What’s your top tip when adding cushions to a space?

First and foremost make sure the relationship between the cushions and furniture is proportionate. Beyond their obvious comfort, cushions are used as accents and are the perfect way to inject personality into an interior. However, make sure these three key elements are harmonious – colour, texture and pattern. Use cushions in various sizes for interest and definition, pattern and texture for contrast and cohesion, and colour for accent and drama.

And what common faux pas should be avoided when it comes to styling with cushions?

Bad Posture – the best way to achieve a great cushion posture is by ‘chopping.’ Karate-chop the cushion with the left and right hand simultaneously to form a V-like shape in centre of the cushions perimeter. Some people like to chop the top; or the top and bottom; I personally prefer to chop the left and right centre of the cushion.

17 Patterns also creates wallpaper and artwork. Is there another area you’d like to expand into in the future? What’s next for the brand?

In the future, we would like to develop more art-based interior products through cross-brand collaborations. At present, 2017 sees us launch of a series of special design projects. These include foot stools, wall mirrors, lampshades and our highly anticipated 2018 wallpaper collection.

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