What does it look like when a house becomes a man’s life project? Cue 1302 Collingwood, the one-of-a-kind luxury property that – from the very depths of its foundations to every finishing detail – has been innovatively imagined and meticulously executed to make an extraordinary mark on the Los Angeles cityscape. And, as anyone aware of the calibre of properties on the current LA real estate scene will know, that’s no small feat.

While it’s a mammoth task to create a unique work of architecture anywhere in the world, it takes a true visionary to design and develop a residence with the clout to stand out amongst Hollywoods’s crop of covetable homes. The creative force behind this American dream home is Richard Landry. Throughout his career, the renowned architect and founder of Landry Design Group has designed properties for the likes of Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, Rod Stewart and Mark Wahlberg. He was also architect behind the rented Holmby Hills mansion that served as Michael Jackson’s last residence.

For this modern masterpiece, which stole his attention for the most significant period of his career, Landry partnered with his good friend and the property’s owner to create the expansive three-floor property together.

The Architecture

Daring and forward-thinking in terms of design, the house makes a shift from a beautiful structure into something which draws the kind of emotional response only great works of art can stimulate.

And because all great works of art ought to be showcased in only the finest galleries, the property is appropriately situated on a high point of land above the Sunset Strip, which has fast become an open-air exhibition of some the city’s slickest residential offerings.




Despite the fact that you’re presented with panoramic views of LA in its entirety once you reach this enviable address, it’s the property’s inspiring architecture that consumes all attention. Landry plays with grand scale and bold shapes, pushing architectural boundaries with poise and power. All stone and pillars, the structure carries a strength but is softened by its curved lines and glass walls that welcome the natural light of the Californian sunshine (and show off illumination from within to maximum effect at night.)

The presence of glass means the property has an open, spacious feel but, thanks to being nestled behind a private gate and sheltered by the hillside’s greenery, it still provides extreme privacy. What’s the high point of the statement-making structure? A super-sized spiral staircase that resides in a cylindrical space towards the back of the design.



The Interior

Inside, a spacious entryway greets you and offers the first glimpse of Franco Vecchio’s interior design. The LA-based interior designer is a master at creating liveable luxury through a combination of laid-back, neutral colour schemes and comfortable yet design-driven furniture pieces. Here Vecchio couples sheer floor-to-ceiling curtains with exquisitely crafted wall panelling and custom-coloured terrazzo marble floors that lead up to one of key focal points of the house – the great room.

Great by name and great by nature, this space doesn’t hold back on magnitude and features beautiful doors – crafted by window and doors specialist Fleetwood – that open onto outdoor areas equipped with built-in heat lamps and a bathroom with shower, steam room and sauna. Make your way across to the other side of this room and you’ll find a gourmet kitchen with Caeserstone worktops and stainless steel appliances – ideal for preparing canapés and cocktails before friends arrive to watch the sun set from this incredible lookout. Beyond the kitchen lies an outdoor barbecue area – complete with obligatory Viking grill –  that wraps around the back of the home to meet the infinity-pool-cum-Jacuzzi and fire pit at the edge of the property.




Things only get better as you make your way up the spiral staircase, with luxury levels elevating to new heights as you step onto each floor. The upper decks echo the interior design downstairs by opting for low-key colour schemes and quality materials, bringing an impressive cohesion to the vast residence.

Its third-floor master suite has to be the pinnacle of the property, offering a tower-like glass retreat with breathtaking views and a fully retractable skylight that introduces a sense of open-air freedom. His and hers walk-in closets, dual fireplaces and access to a private terrace with another beautiful fire pit can also be ticked off the hero suite’s list of desirable features. Equally impressive, its adjoining bathroom is equipped with a freestanding circular bath, a floating double-sided vanity unit and an indoor/outdoor shower that overlooks downtown.




Putting luxurious home features to one side, the most alluring aspect of any prospective property has to be its potential to make it your own, and Collingwood delivers this in extra large measures. The layout, alongside the generous size and adaptable nature of each room, means the residence can be truly tailored to its owner’s needs. Just past the master suite, for example, you’ll find one of four en-suite guest rooms which also works perfectly as a private office courtesy of its fireplace, built-in shelves and glass doors overlooking the terrace. Entrepreneur, bachelorette, newlyweds or young family, Collingwood’s versatility means its caters for the full spectrum.

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Image Credit: The Agency

Landry is to be commended for bringing a new meaning to the concept of at-home luxury. The architect not only creates an abode that presents jaw-droppingly beautiful surroundings but also a space that gives residents an all access pass to live the ultimate Californian lifestyle. From its suede-clad cinema room to its ample parking, pool and proximity to some of LA’s hottest spots for shopping, dining and nightlife, Collingwood, somehow, manages to make the prospect of LA living even sweeter.

1302 Collingwood Pl is on the market with The Agency at a guide price of $32,000,000.

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Images and video courtesy of The Agency.