On average we spend just under 3000 hours in bed each year, so it makes perfect sense that where we sleep each night is one of the comfiest spots on earth. It was gorgeous supermodel Linda Evangelista who coined the phrase “I don’t get out of bed for less that $10,000 a day”. Um, I’ll have one of the beds she has, please – it must be the dreamiest bed imaginable. Taking the time to choose the right bed and dress it in the finest linens money can buy shouldn’t be a question, but with so many options out there – Oxford pillows, standard pillows, fitted sheets, valances – the seemingly simple task can start to seem a bit more complex. We spoke to three revered industry experts to find out how to create the perfect Princess And The Pea bed.

1. Quality Time

“Invest in every layer of bedding to get it right – mattress, protectors, pillows and duvets,” interior designer Nicky Dobree tells us. And whatever you do, she goes on to say, “don’t scrimp on your bedding. [Buy] the best quality linen and duvet that you can afford.” Remember, these basics are your bed’s wardrobe and for a truly luxurious experience you need couture-like clothes.

2. Details Count

To give yourself the best chance of a hotel-worthy night’s sleep, look for high-thread count linens which are usually softer than their lower thread count counterparts. Natalia Miyar, head designer at Helen Green Design, reveals “We choose high thread count linens. Fabrics and furnishings set the tone and theme of a room, and [they] need to enhance this luxury setting.” Not all 800 thread count sheets will be the same though – fibres and a brand’s reputation for quality are also important factors to bear in mind.

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3. Go Big

Nicky reminds us to think outside the box and go oversized – “Use four super-king pillows rather than the standard ones to avoid an unsightly gap in the middle”. Once that’s covered, remember to fluff regularly to help the pillows retain their cloud-like plushness and keep your display ultra-luxe for years to come.

4. Dress Up

Do as interior maestro Sophie Paterson does and start with a foundation of crisp whites. “If you want to inject some colour, pick a design that has a coloured border – this is a more sophisticated way of introducing colour than having a block colour or printed duvet set.” Then get creative. “Colour and texture can be brought in using throws and decorative scatter cushions,” Natalia says. Whether they’re appliquéd creations or clashing block colours, your crib will exude that oh-so-inviting appeal. These accessories can be easily switched out depending on seasonal or trend shifts.

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