A beautiful bedroom brings immeasurable benefits not only to a home at large but also to the mood and mindset of its inhabitants. As, quite literally, the last room you see at night and the first space you set eyes on in the morning, the bedroom is one of the home’s key spaces to get right in terms of interior design. It’s a retreat you have to check-in to night after night and serves the important purpose of providing a sanctuary to help you relax and recoup energy for the day ahead, so it’s well-worth dedicating extra special attention to making sure your space is perfect all-year-round.

The key to bedroom bliss is to keep your space fresh and relevant by swapping existing colours, textures and finishes with luxurious new additions as your mood varies and the seasons change. It’s vital to create a foundation that will stand the test of time by opting for strong furniture designs, timeless flooring and a versatile wall colour. Once you have the bones of the room, even the most simple and subtle changes from here can give your bedroom a whole new lease of life.

Looking for new ways to boost your bedroom? Take inspiration from these evolving room schemes. We caught with LuxDeco’s Interiors Director, Linda Holmes, to discover how to achieve six different looks in one space using effortless transitions.

Look 1

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Add: teal hues, sheeny finishes, a button tufted pouf and shagreen jewellery box. Look to metallic photo frames and a golden tray for a luxe finish.

Before we consider how to take this space in new direction, take note of how this bedroom starts with a neutral colour scheme, an iconic four poster bed and two beautiful bedside tables. “These powerful, timeless features provide a versatile base and enable you to play around with colourful accessories, new textures and different finishes with ease at a later date,” explains Linda. In this case, the neutral canvas is given a luxurious makeover with sheeny finishes. Exquisite sateen cushions with jewel-tone palettes introduce lustre on the bed while golden accessories continue the high-sheen appeal right to the bottom of the teal pouf. “We opted for bedside cabinets with a glossy golden finish then amplified their sheen with bronze table lamps,” says Linda.

Look 2

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Subtract: the plain teal and patterned cushions from above. Remove metallic accents in favour of textural pieces.
Add: a quilted throw and cushions. Bring texture with a cream shagreen jewellery box and tray, and a nappa leather photo frame.

This second scheme demonstrates how a space can take on a whole new light with textural additions. The bedroom colour scheme stays similar to the previous look, sticking at the blue-green end of the spectrum, but entirely handcrafted quilted cushions and a matching bed throw introduce a new tactile dynamic. “Texture promises huge impact and is such an incredible way to bring depth to a neutral space,” explains Linda. Mixing and matching textural surfaces is also a particularly effective way to bring different moods into play. “The sleek, streamlined surfaces seen on the Wilson bedside cabinets lend a contemporary air to this bedroom,” says Linda, “while the quilted soft accessories and button tufted pouf bring a classic charm.”

Look 3

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Subtract: bright teal hues, metallic accessorises, bronze table lamps and flowers for a more toned-down display.
Add: statement table lamps and a cross-shaped bench. Blend neutral bed linen and cushions with a statement centre cushion.

This third bedroom look adopts a pared-back personality with neutral bed linen and table lamps topped with pure ivory shades. Proof that low-key colour schemes shouldn’t be underestimated, it balances light and dark to maximum effect by off-setting pearly white cushions and a creamy cashmere throw with the dark framework of the bed and cross bench. “This room scheme is testament that neutrals-on-neutrals can be unexpectedly striking,” says Linda. “The vibrant pouf from the first two looks is swapped for an elegant ivory bench that joins subtle bed linen in allowing the furniture and lighting solutions to be seen in high definition.”

Look 4

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Subtract: the four-poster bed, crystal-arm chandelier and table lamps
Add: an upholstered bed and sculptural lighting. Accessorise with a shearling throw, chain-detailed photo frames, mirrored tray and candle.

The advantages of textural aspects are exercised once again but, this time, with a more sumptuous focus. Despite maintaining a neutral palette as seen in Look 3, this fourth room scheme makes a significant transition courtesy of the upholstered bed. The ivory design – complete with button tufting and a winged structure – achieves a completely new vibe and nods to a more grand, classic aesthetic. “This look is a perfect example of how to style your bedroom when summer begins to draw to a close. We wanted the space to deliver a sense of warmth and tactility whilst still keeping the feel light and tranquil,” says Linda. “We looked to soft velvet upholstery and an oversized shearling throw in pure ivory and cream hues to do this.” The bedroom is also given a sculptural character with its silver chandelier and wall lights. Their tendril-like form rouses a sense of natural beauty that is boosted by subtle animal print cushions.

Look 5

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Subtract: the shearling throw, animal print cushions, shagreen photo frame and golden bedside cabinets
Add: a mother of pearl photo frame, floral arrangements and mahogany bedside tables. Layer the bed with patterned coral cushions and a colour coordinated throw.

“Welcoming a vibrant pop of colour is an instant way to make your bedroom feel new again,” explains Linda, “and this fifth look makes a bold transformation with the simple addition of a coral hue.” A prime example of colour’s ability to have a seasonal influence on a space, the setting teams a coral throw together with bright patterned cushions and dainty floral arrangements to reach faultless summer styling. “From the marble tray to the metallic photo frames, the bedroom accents either work clean ivory or sleek silver palettes and allow the coral hue to take the lead,” Linda says.
When it comes to the furniture selections, the scheme has a softer posture than any of the former looks. “Furniture designs with curving lines are a brilliant way to flatter a space with a feminine touch,” advises Linda. The absence of the square Wilson bedside tables seen in the previous looks gives the bedroom a completely different personality as the curving cross bench legs are met by the elegant, tapering legs of the mahogany bedside tables instead.

Look 6

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Subtract: the mother of pearl, metallic photo frames, marble tray and three-piece espresso set
Add: team more cushions and a silken-trimmed throw with a colour coordinated shagreen tray and photo frame. Celebrate the underwater world with coral sculptures and a silver sea urchin bowl.

Last but certainly not least, this final look is all about layering. The furniture designs and coral theme from Look 5 boast staying power in this scheme, but it inherits a fresh feel with extra accessories and different styling techniques. “It doesn’t always take new additions to transform a space,” Linda says. “Simply reworking your existing pieces can also have considerable effects. It’s worth investing in soft accessories that can be styled in various ways as they tempt you to play around with presentation.” The coral throw, for example, which was draped across the bed in the previous look, is tucked neatly into the mattress and layered with a neutral throw in this instance. This layered look is then pulled together with a plumped-up cushion display and the presence of a shagreen tray topped with a coral sculpture and candles.

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Credits: Images courtesy of LuxDeco