What is the ultimate Christmas gift? We spoke to our team and a few friends to find out what’s on their Christmas wish list this year.

Aimee Song, Superblogger & Interior Designer

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“I love Louis Vuitton, the design of their stores, and coffee table books, so this would be the perfect gift for me!”

“Shagreen is one of my favourite materials because it’s so pretty and unique. I love the asymmetrical silhouette of the bowl.”

“I have some other pieces in the same material. I love it because it’s subtle but chic and elevates your office space.”

“I’m obsessed with cardigans and robes. I would probably wear this open with jeans and a t-shirt.”

Amanda Wakeley, Fashion Designer

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“I’m a great believer in fit body, tidy mind. The gorgeous box fits perfectly within my office space and is such a lovely luxury to make sure my desk is tidy. ”

“Gorgeous shearling is perfect for cocooning yourself on the sofa on a cold winter’s night!”

“The beautiful lines are reminiscent of Santiago Calatrava’s work which inspired my SS16 collection.”

“A perfect coffee table companion, the lines are clean, simple and minimal.”

Daniel Johnson, Personal Stylist

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“I’m not hard to please! Something to read, smoke and relax in!”

Jade Thomson, LuxDeco.com Features Editor

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“Aiveen Daly’s designs are so much more than cushions – they’re haute couture for your sofa. I wouldn’t rest on this one too much but it’s perfect for bringing a touch of subtle festive glamour.”

“The colour of this candle’s container gets me every time I see it. It’s so rich and the candle’s aroma is just as much so.”

“I spent hours one Saturday at Maison Assouline – the Piccadilly flagship store – poring over this beautiful compilation. It’s a tough call but it’s my favourite of Assouline‘s Impossible collection.”

“Who can resist cashmere in wintertime? And Johnstons of Elgin has always been a little reminder of home for me.”

Jonathan Holmes, LuxDeco.com CEO

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“For woven leather homeware, Riviere knocks it out of the park. This desk set has everything I need to stay organised. As they say, a tidy home, a tidy mind, and sometimes the office can feel like a home from home for me!”

“I’m a tech geek so this Apple watch charger is right up my street. I love that Ivar London have taken something so functional and created something really stylish. The backlit stone is amazing.”

“I’ve always been a big fan of macassar – there’s something so slick about it – and owning a well-crafted watch box just seems to me to be a rite of passage for any man.”

“This horn and lacquer bathroom set is all my bathroom needs. Quality not quantity is my motto. I tend to keep things quite pared back.”

Linda Holmes, LuxDeco.com Interiors Director

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“I always have either candles or incense sticks in my home. There’s nothing better than walking through the door to a lovely smell and having it circulate around your space as you enjoy a winter night indoors.”

“Inspiration is like air for a designer – I need it to live and to create. This smart manuscript book is perfect for noting down the small inspirations I come across in my day-to-day life and in my travels.”

“The Amaya and Adira horse sculptures have been favourites of mine since they arrived on our site. I just love them. They’re so elegant and I can imagine them in so many of my design projects.”

“A cosy fur throw is the first thing I add to my home come the colder months.”

Natalia Miyar, Interior Designer

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“This simple, folksy horse has a whimsical appeal for me. I have a bronze dinosaur that lives on my coffee table and is a wonderful conversation piece. I would put this horse on my dressing table and dress him up with my bracelets.”

“Rare is the room that doesn’t benefit from a colourful splash of an orangey hue. This Oyuna throw in coral herringbone has the perfect combination of depth and vibrancy.”

“Fameed Khalique has the most beautiful collection of one-of-a-kind materials. His showroom is a designer’s ultimate candy shop. This cushion is tactile, glamorous and bronze – a winning design triumvirate.”

“Honed marble and textured gold work beautifully together. Michael Aram’s cheeseboard is glamorous and organic, the handles are inspired by palm leaves. I love the textured cheese knife.”

Gregory Tinari, Men Style Guide

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“A cashmere throw is perfect for the winter months and can be used for both men and woman. Cashmere is my favourite fabric and it’s a great gift for when the weather changes to cold and snowy. Would love one of these myself!”

“I think this stainless steel bookmark is an incredible gift for the holiday season. With the holidays coming, many people are traveling in trains, planes and cars to get to family and friends and this could be a chic durable bookmark for your travelling reads.”

“The first thing I do in the morning is put on my bathrobe. I think this is a perfect gift for a man for the holiday season. A cashmere bathrobe to keep you warm in the cold wintery months is a must have.”

“I’m a huge candle fan. My apartment has candles all over it and I think this set it a perfect gift for a man. Candles are inviting and intimate and it could be a great way to show you have taste and sophistication. The hurricane lamp set would be a great gift for a man.”