Channel the poolside glamour of a Slim Aarons’ photograph in your home this summer by taking your style cues from Isabel Marant’s decidedly jet-set-worthy spring 2013 show. Television presenter and fashion journalist Louise Roe gives you the know-how to take this look from runway to room with style.

“A sunny afternoon in the 1970s. A rocky hillside in St. Tropez. A summer breeze blowing through a pristine white villa, bright red cocktails being served to women dressed in long printed, embellished kaftans, bohemian headbands and giant cream sunglasses. It could be a Slim Aarons’ photograph, and it’s how I’m interpreting Isabel Marant’s gorgeous spring/summer 2013 runway this season: bold, decadent and a sprinkle of Brigitte Bardot. Lend your interior summer-worthy appeal by channelling Isabel Marant’s summer look with copious amounts of white. Then think rich textures such as latticework screens, printed cushions, ombre shades of turquoise and lilac on curtains and rugs. Cut-outs form a huge part of this trend too: look for it on frames, vases, table legs and even wallpaper to create the feeling of lace or crochet on a dress. I love this look in a home – it’s sumptuous and chic.”

Credits: Written by Louise Roe, Photo courtesy of Isabel Marant