We might as well just face it, the S word – which comes as such a drag to those who envision a show home level of pared back perfection – is a fundamental consideration for our homes. As much as it may sound terribly mundane and practical, no stylish space can stay perfectly polished for long without a well-thought-out array of storage options. But how does one divide and conquer the complex thing that is our home contents? What do you store away and what do you display to ensure your home stays stylishly in-line? Thankfully the interior gods are looking down on us. In addition to an industry which now produces stunning storage options to rival any piece of furniture, interior designer Abigail Ahern is on hand to give us her tricks of the trade.

Creating quite the buzz amongst the discerning-set in the interiors world, the designer has gone from strength to strength recently. Abigail – who describes her at-home style as, “Eclectic of course but it’s also a bit rock ‘n’ roll, tongue-in-cheek and glamorous” – has a plethora of tips on stylish storage.

“The key with storage, especially pieces like wardrobes, is to take them up to the ceiling so you don’t have that gap in between.”

Take Inventory

“Figure out how you are going to use the space and then sort out adequate storage. For example, I have a zillion books in my studio so it was fundamental to commission a floor-to-ceiling bookcase to display them all. Also, mix up closed storage with open storage – it’s far more intriguing for the eye.”

Double Act

Coffee tables, chests and occasional stools can double duty as seats as well as storage.”


Maximise Space

“The key with storage, especially pieces like wardrobes, is to take them up to the ceiling so you don’t have that gap in between.”


“The biggest trick with storage is to paint it out the same colour as your walls so it goes away and you take the attention away. I’m a big believer that anything boring like storage blurs into the background so the eye can delight on the cool pieces in a space.”

Cover Up

“I’ve got shelves all over my place, which flap down to hide a multitude of stuff like TV controls, light bulbs, and newspapers. It’s worth pointing out, though, that open-plan storage is also pretty integral to a room as everything just behind closed doors reads as super boring.”

Abigail Ahern’s Quick Interior Tips

1. Buy What You love

Only buy what you love, rather than what is hot that season and be wary of bargains for bargain’s sake.

2. Grand Display

Anything small or itty bitty on a table, plonk on a platter or tray – it will make the display far grander.

3. Focal Point

Create a focal point and cluster objects around that.

4. Top Drawer

The more drawers the better – anything boring goes in them anything cool goes on top!

Whether you’re on the hunt for a heritage-inspired set of trunks or a grand display cabinet, allow our storage edit keep you stylishly informed or contact our dedicated concierge for the ultimate personal shopping experience. 

Credits: Written by Alexandra O’Brien. Tips by Abigail Ahern. Photography by Graham Atkins Hughes taken from Decorating with Style & Selva. For more inspiration from Abigail Ahern read her latest book, Decorating with Style.