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The Style

Live beautifully by exploring our buying guides, home styling ideas and round-ups of the most inspiring looks from top interiors designers.

6 Styling Ideas for Glass Decor| Shop coloured glass vases on

The Style

6 Styling Ideas for Glass Decor

For the love of glass, don’t go any longer without these bang-on-trend glass decor pieces

The Style

The New Timeless: The Riverside Luxury Apartment Collection

Our designers discuss the new season collection’s luxurious high-rise style

Shop Bedside Table Lamps at

The Style

Bedside Table Lamps: Organic v. Glamorous

Two talented designers weigh in on distinct styles for the boudoir

London Terrace, Outdoor Space Ideas | Laura Hammett | Read more in the Style Guide

The Style

20 Stylish Garden Furniture & Outdoor Space Ideas

If you’re looking for outdoor space ideas, these are the looks to copy

Green and Taupe Dining Room – Dining Room Colour Palettes – Read in the Style Guide

The Style

17 Stylish Dining Room Colour Schemes & Combinations

Be inspired by the dining room colour schemes of the greats

Shop Faux Florals at

The Style

6 Reasons Artificial Flowers Are A Good Idea

Shedding the stigma of faux florals, here’s why you should invest in some

How To Add Style To Your Easter Celebration – Style Guide

The Style

How To Add Style To Your Easter Celebration

Elevate your Easter lunch with these key entertaining essentials

Bernhardt Furniture Criteria-Collection - Shop at

The Style

New In: Bernhardt Furniture Collections 101

Classic, feminine, modern – three unique looks from the luxury American brand have arrived

Shop Luxury Mother's Day Gifts at

The Style

16 Fail-free Mother’s Day Gifts

These beauties have arrived just in time for your Mother’s Day present finding

Contemporary Interiors – Discover more in the LuxDeco Style Guide

The Style

Interior Design Styles: Contemporary Interiors

For those firmly rooted in the “now”, contemporary interiors always win

Loaded Coffee Table Trays – Shop Luxury Trays at

The Style

Instagram Inspiration: Loaded Coffee Table Trays

As seen on Instagram, these designer tray arrangements serve up style

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