When temperatures plummet to a polar-like territory – which makes even leaving the house seem like a strenuous task – having a plush, comfortable space to nestle up in becomes all the more important. Where to begin when bracing your home for the winter chill? Resort to our style survival kit, filled with the six home essentials you need to make your interior the ultimate escape from the chilly outdoors. Plus, we give you the low-down on the styles trending right now.


Offering texture and much-appreciated additional warmth, sumptuous throws are vital for a winter-ready space. Whether draped over your bed or your seating arrangements, they bring a layered look to interiors and can double up as a cosy wrap for you, too. Snuggle up with a good book or film under the comfort mohair, cashmere and alpaca designs to set the perfect conditions for a wintry evening in the comfort of your own home.

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The winter season is all about layering up, and cushions offer a simple, swift way to do so. Comfort is key at this time of year, after all, so mix and match different styles to create a plump, cosy display. Champion the softest materials – they’ll make your space even more welcoming when you return home. Velvet and silken designs look inviting and feel incredible, while hints of pattern will brighten up your interior on even the darkest of December evenings.

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Of course, candlelight is another seasonal staple. Perfect for creating a restful atmosphere and introducing a source of light, candles are a beautiful way to give your home that winter glow. Place multiples around your interior for maximum impact, scattering a few thoughtfully chosen candles across bookcases, mantelpieces, windowsills and tabletops. Don’t forget to try room diffusers, too. Designs with festive-inspired scents (think orange, cedar wood and spicy ginger notes) make a fitting choice.

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A luxurious rug is another must for extra warmth and underfoot comfort during the cooler seasons. Lay a snug foundation courtesy of silk, wool or polished cotton designs. Deep piles work brilliantly for this time of year, offering a sumptuous surface to sink your toes into as you move around your space. When it comes to deciding which room to dress with your tactile new find, opt for locations where cosiness should be an at optimum level (try living rooms and bedrooms.) A rich floor covering will also make spending time in your dining room over the holiday period even more appealing.

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Combat Mother Nature’s dark winter skies by illuminating your space with the right lighting. Table lamps and ceiling lights are options, of course, but, when it comes to distinguishing your space this season it’s all about floor lamps. Tall and slender, these designs deliver light at a height to create a moody ambience. Currently, we’re obsessed with striking creations by London-based artist Rinat Goldwater, who looks to natural and human forms for her inspiration, as well as Marioni’s luxurious takes on a Brutalist aesthetic.

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