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Alex Randall

Alex Randall

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If anyone is going to single-handedly bring taxidermy back into vogue it's Alex Randall. While the classic art of working with the mortal remains of various animals might not be for everyone, the award-winning lighting artist has established her empire on this very basis to rave reviews and international praise from critics and clients. Alex – who does deal in less organic materials as well – has revolutionised the craft and sees it for what it is – an environmentally friendly use, like any other, for items which would otherwise go to waste. Having created installations for commercial and residential spaces alike – some of which include high-profile clients – her repertoire of quirky wall-scurriers, dramatic globe-like gramophone chandeliers and full-sized harps with glowing laser-like strings have earned Alex a reputation as somewhat of a pacemaker in the industry. Devoutly design-led as well as inspired by personal experiences like world travel and cultures, Alex’s creativity, by default, permeates her personal life, even commissioning bespoke pieces for her home to ensure her style is fully accomplished at home as well as in the studio.

Eclectic Dreams

A harmonious fusion of her and her partner’s tastes – he’s an architect – Alex’s abode is an eclectic mix of modernist Danish design, kellims, antiques and “taxidermy of course!”

Luxury at home means to me a few simple things – comfort, relaxation and, most importantly, a beautiful scrapbook of your own personality.

Inspiration Stations

Finding herself continually inspired, Alex believes that, “in the city or in the country, one of the most important lessons [she has] learnt is to keep yourself open to the possibility of finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places.”

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Alex highlights her favourite pieces for the home.

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