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Alexandra D. Foster

Alexandra D. Foster

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Proclaiming herself as a “dual-passport-wielding travelaholic” – and an eagle-eyed one at that – luxury cushion designer Alexandra Foster is undoubtedly leading the way in modern home accessorising. Taking style notes from everything from Amalfi Coast roofs to latticed restaurant doors, a beautiful scene or an eye-catching design is never lost on this pattern maven who always has her trusty camera on hand to capture inspired moments. In fact, most of Alexandra’s designs originate from personal snaps she has taken whilst travelling the globe – a habit which results in brilliantly impassioned creations. Far from narcissistic, the designer makes sure she incorporates her designs into every room of her house as a scrapbook of her life – “they serve as constant reminders and fond memories of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of exotic destinations and faraway places.” And considering she’s a self-confessed Italophile (she’s of Italian descent) born and raised in Boston, it’s no wonder that Alexandra has a strong taste for the wanderlust. Her eponymous brand’s collection is just chock-full of inspired patterns which are stylish but never too overworked and as enticing as the silken material they’re made from. Add into the mix some killer colour combinations and you’ve got the winning recipe for pieces that confidently demand “look at me”.

Wishful Thinking

If she had it all her own way a delivery of flowers for every room in the house would be Alexandra’s weekly splurge, she’d make sure everyone ate chocolate every day (which she does and we love her for it) and there would always be a tableful of family and friends with plenty of laughter, delicious food, wine and love.

Travel and nature are my two biggest inspirations. Travel changes you fundamentally and to the core [and] nature is perfect in every way.

–Alexandra Foster

Hostess With The Mostess

Alexandra understands what it takes to be a good hostess. The designer claims that her must-have of all time for the home is a “fully stocked cocktail cabinet so you can throw a party at a moment’s notice.” You just name the time and place, Alexandra.

Love Alexandra’s Style?

Accenting classic glamour tones with vibrant pops of colour is this creative’s go-to style.

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