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Allegra Hicks

Allegra Hicks

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Best known for her elaborate prints and the sartorial creations made from them, Allegra Hicks continues to be an undeniably prominent thread in the tapestry of the textile industry. And it seems that the prints princess was always destined for a life of creativity. Being the child of (what she describes as) “resolutely modern parents”, the world of the creative was not only wide open to Allegra but encouraged. It was that very early exposure to the beauty of art and design that has given the textile designer her inspirational art-as-life philosophy. Having learned the basics at art school in Milan, Allegra cites her own personal exploration of the world as her true inspiration. From her journeys to India and her discovery of aboriginal art, the ever-elegant designer has a fabulously informed understanding of the world which she channels to perfection in her work. Her innate elegance offers these embryonic inspirations a characteristically refined appeal.

Unspoken Art

Considering art as much of a communicative language as any spoken one, Allegra has created her own alphabet of trademark motifs and shapes which she has continued to apply in her designs throughout her career.

A harmoniously decorated room embodies the spirit of its owners like a self portrait.

–Allegra Hicks

No Place Like Home

In her fabulously visual monograph, Allegra Hicks: An Eye for Design, the designer explores the workings of her creativity revealing, “I feel that the way one can put all these thoughts together in the most inspiring and concrete way of all is in interiors.”

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Once named one of the best dressed women in the world, this is a style icon to take advice from.

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