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Eric Kuster

Eric Kuster

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Interior master, magazine creator, furniture manufacturer, author, charity founder, fashion designer – is there anything Eric Kuster can’t do. Far from spreading himself a little too thin, the multi-talented designer’s extensive repertoire is proof of his unsurpassable professionalism. Purveyor of high-end furniture and designer of equally luxurious pads, clubs and even football stadiums around the world, the Dutchman is admired for his masculine style, dramatic use of chiaroscuro and modern take on classic European design. Just a glance at his portfolio and you’ll encounter sharp interiors – which are in no way hostile – filled with iconic furniture and employing a shrewd balance of industrialism and organic accents. Recognising that design is as much about its external features as it is its internal ones, Eric reveals “for me, the location is a very important ingredient to deciding the final style of the design”. And, thankfully, Eric practices what he preaches. Matching his Netherlands home to the cooler climate and light of northern Europe, he uses a dark palette and rich fabrics like velvet, fur and satin and, for his sunnier stays in Ibiza and Monaco, the designer fills spaces with light colours and laid-back fabrics.

Monochrome Magic

A self-confessed lover of non-colours, Eric’s oeuvre is full of monochromatic moments. Intriguing shadows create a sense of boundless space and moody combinations add intimacy to even the most open and airy of rooms.

No matter if you have a big or small budget, I always tell my clients to buy mini luxe pieces in their homes – thick towels, delicious home fragrances and nice bed linens.

–Eric Kuster

Bed Bug

“LuxHave of all time for the home? My bed! In my own homes the bedroom is the most important space for me. I love to work, relax and watch television in my bed. A big bed and nice bed linen for me is very important.” A man after our own heart.

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Masculine, monochrome and organic – Eric’s style is totally cool.

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