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Jaime Derringer

Jaime Derringer

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Design Milk, the online magazine for all things that relate to super-cool design, has garnered quite the prestige since its humble blog beginnings in 2006. Jaime Derringer a.k.a. Mrs Design Milk is a self-confessed autodidact (she even jokingly quips that she received a BA in The Internet in 2006). “I don’t have any formal training in art or design,” says the New Jersey native, “but it’s my passion and my desire to be creative that keeps me going.” That combination seems to be working. Design Milk currently has a staggering 1 million readers (including its fair share of celebrities) and has been featured in a number of prestigious publications. One look at the popular site and you’ll be in no doubt of Jaime’s interior style of choice. Cool, on the bleeding edge of the industry and doesn’t take itself too seriously seems to be the trifecta for Jaime. Thankfully she’s also fabulously relatable and appreciates a good storage solution like the best of us – “[I can’t live without] anything with drawers! We accumulate so much stuff, it’s great to have storage to hide things away. I can’t imagine what my house would look like if I couldn’t store anything!”

Luxury Requirements

When it comes to luxury, Jaime has two non-negotiables – “I need to be able to either see or feel the quality of materials and craftsmanship and immediately recognize the thought and time it took to design and make it.”

Jaime Derringer - LuxDeco Tastemaker
Jaime Derringer - LuxDeco Tastemaker
I listen to what my home tells me it wants. I have one rule: buy only things you absolutely love.

–Jaime Derringer, Founder and Executive Editor

Heirloom Revival

When asked which at-home items are deserving of a splurge, Jaime shrewdly declares, “Pieces that will take a beating. Nothing beats a good quality chair, rug or table that will last a lifetime (and more). We need to get back to the mindset of heirloom pieces. I don’t know when we lost that, but I’d like to see that trend come back.”

Jaime Derringer - LuxDeco Tastemaker
Jaime Derringer - LuxDeco Tastemaker

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