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Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews

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He's the mastermind behind that Kourtney Kardashian house as well as the homes of most of the Kardashian troupe and Ryan Seacrest to name a few so it’s no wonder that Jeff Andrews is a name on everyone’s lips at the moment. The LA-based celebrity interior designer has put himself head and shoulders above the rest thanks to his comfortable luxe style. His portfolio is split between classic modern spaces with faultless finishes and sophisticated colour palettes, and refined eclectic spaces which range from the ethnic to the downright spectacular – case in point, the aforementioned Kardashian home. Anchored by furniture arrangements which encourage livability, a perfected use of scale and a colour palette of earthy and moody tones, the designer’s own abode is a little less grandiose but an even more welcoming space than his famous clients’. “My at-home style is casual but put together. I strive to have a home that is beautifully designed yet totally livable,” the designer explains before adding, “I’m currently half way there.”

Set The Mood

Disproving the old adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Jeff highlights individual accents like “great lighting, an amazing sound system, a working fireplace and good candles” as room game-changers – “ambience is everything.”

Something as simple as a great piece of artwork, vintage pottery or a photograph serves as my inspiration for whatever project I’m working on at the moment.

–Jeff Andrews

Relaxation Stations

Thanks to a work day that starts at 7am and doesn’t finished until 7:30pm, Jeff appreciates the luxury of downtime. He claims that his must-have for a home is “a favorite place to sit where you can relax and unwind, or work and still feel at home.”

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Headshots by: Kimberly Genevieve.
Interior shots by: Grey Crawford.