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Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley

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With her shrewd eye for detail and innate understanding of design essentials, distinguished interior designer Katharine Pooley creates some of the world’s most incredible interiors from townhouses in London to palaces in Kuwait. A natural-born traveller, Katharine not only worked around the globe but has roamed it, summiting five of the seven highest peaks, Dog-sledding in the North Pole and riding a horse across the Sahara, each time returning with the most exciting styles the world has to offer and translating them into her refined aesthetic. Having left the realms of banking in the Far East after 20 years to follow her true passion of interior design, it’s clear that Katharine’s talent is absolutely inherent to her personality – she believes that the flow of a space comes above all else and that no area of a room should be left untouched. This incredible ability means that her creations can only be described as well-composed symphonies of colours, materials and forms, absolutely striking as well as classic in look. Having recently expanded her empire to Doha in the Middle East – where the designer recently opened her first international boutique – the award-winning talent is stylishly trailblazing the interior design world leaving a string of admiring devotees in her wake.

Double Duty

As a woman whose day job involves being surrounded by the world’s most luxurious interiors, it’s entirely understandable that Katharine’s style is wonderfully multifaceted – “I divide my time between London and Scotland and the style of each differs due to their surroundings, the physical properties themselves and how my family and I spend our time in them.”

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Luxury at home means bringing a touch of quality and timeless elegance to each room... and having time to enjoy it!

Designer's Black Book

At home, Katharine chooses to channel the aesthetic of modern classic brands Holland & Sherry, Ralph Lauren Home and Holly Hunt, and claims that “Asia has it all – I love ancient Oriental designs and am excited by the new design talent in the Far East.”

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