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Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

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He began his adult life aspiring to be part of the Hollywood set; now Martyn Lawrence-Bullard creates the award-winning interiors for them. Based in LA, the luxury home creator is known for his eclectic and inviting style. Citing comfort and individual style as absolutes, the Brit’s portfolio is as vast and varied as his clients. Although he claims that all of his projects have been his favourite at some point or another (“like children, your newest captures your heart”), the interior designer pinpoints his fantastical creations for Cher as some of his most memorable projects. “Cher loves to live out her most exotic dreams and her homes have always reflected that,” the designer reveals. And when he’s not designing the homes of the rich and famous, Martyn can be found honing his eye, increasing his cultural understanding. “Travel is my biggest form of inspiration. It is the most important thing, to me, to see the world and experience all the beauty that each new culture has to offer.” No wonder his home’s such an ever-evolving project. From colour combinations to furniture shapes, he claims that his home is the best lab for working out what’s right, wrong and beautiful.

Simply The Best

Martyn clearly lives by the mantra “you buy cheap, you buy twice”. Making us privy to one of his life-learned recommendations, he reveals, “my number one rule is always – whatever it is you buy – always buy the best you can afford.”

For me comfort is king and the number one rule in design.

Relaxation Stations

As much as he’s an advocate for stylish spaces (obviously), the designer is practically evangelical about the importance of comfort too – “we all work so hard in lives so our homes must be our sanctuaries – places to relax, rejuvenate and re-centre ourselves.”

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