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Philipp Selva

Philipp Selva

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Philipp Selva, the CEO and President of SELVA – a homeware house that creates chic, luxury furniture that transcends seasons – grew up learning from his dad. “My father was the founder of SELVA,” he tells LuxDeco. “He taught me to appreciate good-quality furniture and to love the tradition of handcraft.” Inspired by the beauty of nature, it is fitting that Philipp lives on farm. “I have my own breed of Arabian horses,” he enthuses, adding “I love being on my vineyard where you can breathe the sweet smell of the grape blossoms in spring and taste the fabulous fruit in autumn.” Of his at-home style, the designer’s house has wall panels throughout made of local Swiss-stone-pine. “It keeps the warmth inside at winter time and has a relaxing and calming effect. The interiors consist of a blend of country style furniture and modern, more minimalistic pieces,” he says.

Heart and Soul

Since its founding in 1968, the brand has been known for furniture that turns age-old designs into future classics. “The essence and soul of SELVA,” Philipp explains, “is all about a love of tradition and courage for innovation.”

Luxury to me is being able to create my own special feel-good ambience at home, where you not only live, but can relax.

Interiors Know-how

Of all the places around the globe to find inimitable pieces for the home, Philipp says the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan is the best. “It is the only place to discover amazing pieces for the home worldwide.”

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