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Pieter Adam

Pieter Adam

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Based in the Netherlands, Pieter Adam created his eponymous brand motivated to produce high-quality luminaries with a focus on stylish architectural lighting. Pieter tells us he is inspired by “antique markets, art, travelling to big cities and everything that has been created with soul”. He also explained that when he was a child he knew he wanted a career in a creative field. “Since I was a kid, there was nothing else I’d rather do than drawing. In fact, I drew even before I could read or write. Later on, I got captured by the world of interiors. But I’ve always experienced some kind of need to create.” Contemporary yet timeless, the creations in the Pieter Adam collections are handcrafted from exquisite materials such as casted brass, Murano glass, linen and velvet. The look is ultra-glamorous. And as for a typical day for the lighting maestro, he says, “There is no such thing”. Pieter goes on to say, “What does return every day is a walk through the countryside with my dog. Then I hug my kids and leave for the office where I first drink a cup of mint tea. When finished at the office, I love to cook. After dinner I sit down by the fireplace with a good glass of French wine, my sketchbook and pencil”.

Adam’s Shopping Tips

To discover the most amazing pieces the world has to offer Pieter’s top suggestions are the antiques market in France called Marché aux Puces, Hollywood Road in Hong Kong and local antique dealer in the Provence.

Comfort, happiness, being surrounded by friends, having a good conversation while listening to music, that’s pure luxury.

Light The Way

Pieter’s first project was The Waiting room in the Crown Hotel, Melbourne. “It turned out so beautifully. Everything was just right, the setting was already amazing, but with the Pieter Adam’s lamps everything fell into place.”

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