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Sonia Irvine

Sonia Irvine

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Sonia Irvine – the founder of Formula One Grand Prix’s most-fabulous, not to mention luxurious, chain of pop-up Amber Lounge nightclubs – is one of the most stylish hosts there is. The towering blonde behind Amber Lounge is a mother of two and also trained as physiotherapist. Her entry to Formula One world began in 1996 when her brother, Edie Irvine, invited her to join him as his personal physio. Irvine’s work soon expanded to include being the therapist for the entire Ferrari team where she earned a reputation as a hard worker within the industry. Her work ethic led Irvine to prove her skill as an astute, successful and creative businesswoman and what started as a pop-up VIP event in Monaco has expanded to include nomad clubs in Singapore, Delhi, Abu Dhabi and Austin earned Amber Lounge a reputation as a haven for the rich and famous including everyone from F1 drivers to royalty and Hollywood starlets including Prince Albert, Bono, The Edge, Helena Christensen, Wesley Snipes, Heidi Klum and Ronaldo as well as the drivers and The Black Eyed Peas.

Dream Job

Having been settled in Monaco for over 10 years now it would seem this successful host has created a life for herself doing something she loves from one of the more beautiful parts of the world.

I would love to have a house in Thailand one day. It’s paradise on earth and the people there are the friendliest.

Off-duty Style

Although she is behind one of the most luxurious parties of the year Sonia’s at-home style is a tad more casual. She feels at home in Maharishi cargo trousers and a simple white vest top. Where, if not travelling for work, you will often find her spending quality time with my children.

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