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Steven Duggan

Steven Duggan

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The man has been recommended by elaborate party enthusiast Sir Elton John, helms a 24 hour team and has orchestrated glamorous events for the A-list celeb pack including Adele, Simon Cowell and Leona Lewis. Much like an interior designer transforms a space which will be enjoyed and digested over a number of years, Steven has perfected the act of creating magical, chic and sometimes otherworldly concept designs for just the one event. This results in style that has to make as much of an impact as it can and is the explanation for Steven’s undeniably flamboyant style. Party themes consist of mind-boggling Alice In Wonderland, Award-Ceremony-style Bling and quaint English Garden whilst weddings are appropriately classy, romantic and atmospheric. With such a roster of styles and aesthetics available at his fingertips – as well as having an interior designer mother and an architect father – Steven’s most surprising factor is his minimalist home style. “My at-home style is sleek, white, minimal settings with little clutter or unnecessary items,” the events organiser reveals. And when asked what he can’t live without at home, he tells us, “I think it’s always a great focal point to include a feature armchair, a collection of mixed vases or a striking piece of artwork. I can live without them, but life would be boring!” A man after our own design-loving heart.

Boldly Go

Although his interiors style is typically the exact opposite of his brilliantly over-the-top event portfolio, Steven is far from being shy to making design statements – “Prominent, loud features are always well worth it. I like my art to be oversized and very colourful.”

Luxury is quality, for me. A few good items would be my advice. Less is more.

LuxHave Piece

Admitting that he’s “hooked on chrome right now”, Steven’s had his eye on our Emeco Kong Chair – “I like the aluminum finish and the idea of it replicating an antique piece.”

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