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Thomas Griem

Thomas Griem

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German-born, London-based architect/interior designer, Thomas Griem lives a life as jet set as some of his clients. Recently he travelled to Hong Kong to oversee a project. Before that he was visiting Russia, Ibiza and other European cities. This might sound exhausting to some, but Griem considers working in different time zones all part of a normal day’s work “I really like it and never get tired of it. I remain really interested in residential, in how people live and how to do really clever things with property” he says. After studying architecture at Berlin’s Hochschule der Kunste, Griem moved to London where he obtained a diploma in architecture from the University of Westminster. In 2011 he opened TG Studio and prior to that he was a partner in Target Living, a company he founded with interior designer Tara Bernerd whom he met when they were both working as designers for property development company Yoo. Griem and Bernerd spent the next decade creating strong and contemporary schemes for a variety of commercial and residential clients. When it comes to his own home, Griem says, “My at-home style is relaxed and warm with a little luxury”.

London Look

Griem has recently completed the refurbishment of a penthouse over London’s iconic St. Pancras hotel and is currently working on eight projects including the a high-rise penthouse in Hong Kong and a lateral joining of two apartments in London’s Queens Gate.

I like to offer a one-stop service. For me there are three key factors – time, cost, and quality. I like to control all three, then I can get the best value for someone.

All In A Day's Work

Days begin, Griem says with “porridge and a latte from Gail's around my office at Charlotte Street”. Next Griem heads to a morning project meeting and brain storming with my team at TG-Studio. After a light lunch, often with clients, he’ll spend the afternoon working on a presentation in the office before returning home “to kiss my children good night and a glass of wine with my wife”.

Love Griem's Style?

Work a modern contemporary and oh-so stylish look in your home with Griem’s edit.

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