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LuxDeco x Centrepoint Christmas Campaign |

LuxDeco x Centrepoint Christmas Campaign

A design industry-led effort to fight youth homelessness this Christmas

Jon Sharpe
By Jon Sharpe, Chief Creative Officer

This winter, many of us are looking forward to cosy nights by the fire, delicious festive feasts and extra blankets on our beds to ward off the winter chill. Indeed, this year of all years, we’ve come to understand just how important home really is.

But whilst we look forward to these luxuries, we’re also keenly aware that many aren’t so lucky. Before COVID-19, hundreds of thousands of people were struggling with homelessness and the physical, emotional and mental strains which come with it. The sad reality is that many more certainly joined them this year and more still are facing the same difficulty in the months and year ahead.

LuxDeco x Centrepoint charity campaign | Help fight youth homelessness | Shop the gift card and designer edits online
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Even more worrying is that many struggling with homelessness are young people aged 16-25. Centrepoint—the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity which is supported by its patron Prince William, HRH The Duke of Cambridge—estimates that around 110,000 young people are homeless or at risk of homelessness* and that this could be the worst homelessness crisis in its 50-year history. Centrepoint works tirelessly year-round to provide accommodation and support for its residents, 52% of whom are Black, Asian or minority ethnic, 6% are refugees and 10% have a disability.

Having a safe and warm place to sleep this winter will be vital for these youth, but LuxDeco and Centrepoint also fervently believe that everyone deserves a place to call home year round. So, today, we’re pleased to announce LuxDeco x Centrepoint—an exciting effort to fight youth homelessness this winter and beyond, facilitated by LuxDeco as an industry leader, guided by Centrepoint and its mission and thoughtfully supported by the design community.

It’s unthinkable that so many people don’t have a place to call home, especially the young and vulnerable. I’m very proud to support this initiative as it’s more essential than ever right now.— Laura Hammett

This season of giving, we’re launching two exciting ways to give back, available exclusively at LuxDeco—the LuxDeco x Centrepoint Christmas gift card and an array of spectacular designer edits. Both are designed to support this worthy cause with 10% of the value of every gift card and item purchased through a designer’s edit page being donated to Centrepoint by LuxDeco on behalf of you and your loved ones. And all at no extra cost to you!

LuxDeco x Centrepoint Christmas Gift Card |
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The LuxDeco x Centrepoint Christmas gift card makes the perfect gift. Your loved ones will be thrilled to treat themselves to whatever is on their LuxDeco wishlist whilst also feeling good about it! No more unwelcome gifts going to waste and you’ll both experience the joy of knowing that part of your gift went to support a worthy cause. Plus, for the environmentally conscious or the socially distanced, our e-card option is available (though the physical card is also plastic-free) allowing you to enjoy your gift giving from afar and with peace of mind. The gift card is available in values of £50, £100, £250, £500 and £1000.

LuxDeco x Centrepoint Spectacular Christmas Edits |
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But, of course, if all you’ve been looking forward to these last few months is sitting by your Christmas tree with Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas playing on repeat as you carefully wrap away to your heart’s content, we’ve got you covered too. Packed with hot picks personally selected by the industry’s top talents, our Designers for LuxDeco x Centrepoint edits are sure to impress. Designer-approved pieces—from perfect Christmas gifts to new season furniture staples—fill these edits, each with the same pledge of a 10% of every purchase being donated to Centrepoint.

And who’s to say you can’t get in on the fun for yourself? You can treat yourself too! Thinking about a new sofa? In addition to guaranteed-to-please Christmas gifts, the edits feature furniture, accessories, art and lighting as well, all of which can be rationalised that little bit more by the excuse, “It’s for charity!” is a favourite online destination of mine for chic furniture and accessories, and I proudly support their 10% donation commitment toward youth homelessness as part of the LuxDeco x Centrepoint campaign. Shopping and giving back? What’s not to love?!— Jeff Andrews

The launch designer edits include Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Laura Hammett, Charu Gandhi, Louise Bradley, Francis Sultana, Karen Howes, Olivia Outred, Fran Hickman, Jeff Andrews and many more to come. Find your favourite here.

There’s nothing quite like the gift of giving and with the thoughtful support of the design community we’ve made it easy and free for you to give whilst giving back this season. We invite you to join us in the fight against youth homelessness by purchasing our exclusive LuxDeco x Centrepoint Christmas gift card and shopping our designer edits. The 10% no-cost donation your purchase will generate will be so appreciated this year and may help to change a young life forever.

* Based on Centrepoint's 2018-2019 data.