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How To Host A Winning Games Night

From dinner party games to family nights, make sure you follow these gaming rules

Carina Bartle By Carina BartleVP Sales & Partnerships

Games nights are a must for the festive break as family and friends gather to celebrate the holidays. Prepare to entertain with artisan crafted boardgames and card sets, easy-as-can-be finger food and the best of company.

1. Have a choice of games

Everyone’s drawn to the fun of dominoes or poker but there’s a good reason to master more sophisticated games like backgammon or chess. Not in the least because they’re absolute eye candy for your home when games night ends. Handpainted peacock motifs will prove to be a conversation topic whilst boards crafted of rare woods or shagreen are a classic look. And of course, you can always end the night with a game of snap if you’re so inclined.

How To Host A Winning Games Night | Board Games Night | Style Guide

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2. Plan simple food and easy drinks

A rookie hosting mistake is to serve food that’s too complicated for the occasion. One thing you don’t want to be doing during a games night is preparing intricate meals and dealing with setting the table with special tableware (that’s what dinner parties are for). Think trays of interesting finger food and snacks which can be brought in and out easily.

“Homemade popcorn and potato chips are easy and fun to serve when entertaining on game night,” says Aerin Lauder, “I like to serve them in pretty bowls. They are always a crowd pleaser and also a guilty pleasure of mine. I like to make my guests feel at home.”

How To Host A Winning Games Night | Board Games Night | Style Guide

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3. Set the mood

Atmosphere can make or break a games night and setting the mood with candles and home fragrances instantly creates an inviting environment for you and your guests. Add to the mix a playlist of easy listening tunes and you’ve got yourself the perfect background to games chatter.

4. Invite fun friends

The most important part of a successful games night is the company and luckily the informality of the event only asks for a quick phone call as an invitation (although even such a simple call will feel personal and be much appreciated). Ignore dress codes, make them feel at home and look forward to a laughter-filled night with friends.

How To Host A Winning Games Night | Board Games Night | Style Guide

Image Credit: AERIN