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Jon Sharpe
By Jon Sharpe, Chief Creative Officer
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Alpine Allure

Successful chalet design is all about capturing the perfect moment where timeless elegance meets the captivating beauty of the mountains. The history of the chalet interior is one of understated luxury and timeless elegance. Hailing from the alpine regions of Europe, these iconic structures have evolved over the years to embrace a sense of comfort and refinement. In the past, chalets were used primarily as seasonal shelters for farmers and shepherds. However, in the 19th century, they became popular among the affluent as winter holiday homes. 

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The interior design of these alpine abodes was characterised historically by timber planks and beams, rugged stone floors, and woollen fabrics. Today, the charm of the chalet lies in the preservation of such traditional elements, coupled with contemporary touches that enhance functionality, convenience, and style. At the same time, styling the chalet allows for subtle updates that enhance functionality and modern livability. Introducing bespoke furnishings, rich fabrics, and carefully curated accents infuses the space with a breath of fresh air, without compromising its timeless appeal. Chalet living is a harmonious blend of old and new, seamlessly intertwining tradition with innovation. In the world of chalet styling, restraint is key. It is about letting the natural beauty of the surroundings shine through, uninterrupted by unnecessary ornamentation. By embracing simplicity and clean lines, the chalet becomes a canvas for curated moments of sophistication and refinement.

The Chalet Lookbook explores all of this and also emphasises the significance of outdoor spaces and how it is vital to make them comfortable throughout the year. The exquisite landscaping, featuring native plants and careful arrangements, perfectly blends the chalet into its mountainous surroundings. It is a delicate balance between natural beauty and artful design that guarantees that outdoor spaces become an extension of the chalet, seamlessly blending with the majestic landscape. In the world of chalets, outdoor comfort is not an afterthought but an essential element in creating a complete, immersive experience. By thoughtfully planning and furnishing outdoor areas, the chalet becomes a sanctuary that connects with nature and indulges the senses.

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When it comes to chalet design expertise, nobody excels quite like Nicky Dobree. In this lookbook, we offer a glimpse into the ethereal world of Dobree's chalet designs. Her unique ability to seamlessly blend traditional elements with contemporary touches breathes new life into historic chalet architecture while preserving its timeless allure. From the comforting warmth emanating from crackling fireplaces to the embracing touch of sumptuous fabrics, each look captures the very essence of chalet living.In terms of colour palette, Dobree embraces soft neutrals that mimic the serene landscapes of the mountains, infusing a sense of tranquillity into the spaces. These soothing tones also allow the surrounding nature to take centre stage.

Her attention to detail is evident in the careful curation of furnishings and accessories, ensuring they complement and enhance the overall aesthetic of the chalet. By incorporating elements that reflect the alpine environment, such as cosy fur throws and natural textiles, she creates a warm and inviting ambiance. Ultimately, Nicky Dobree's philosophy in chalet interior design is to craft spaces that combine refined luxury with the comforts of home, fostering an atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of nature and complements the lifestyle of those who reside within.