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How I Live Beautifully: Natalia Miyar's London Pied-à-terre

Step inside the interior designer's London home

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

Best known for her playful approach to design, LuxDeco 100 designer Natalia Miyar has established herself as one of the most respected interior designers of the last decade, mastering the art of working with colour and texture in a way that few other designers compare. It was one of her more personal projects, her London home, in which Natalia wanted to experiment with a pink palette for the first time. Often thought of as a particularly feminine hue, Miyar challenged herself to approach it in a sophisticated way. Here, the Cuban-American designer takes us inside her home and explains her inspirations.

A playful yet inviting space, this home was designed for entertaining. From the welcoming entryway that instantly meets guests with conversation-starting artwork, to the open-plan living area perfect for a cocktail or few, this home is a treasure trove of personal pieces that all tell a story. Think travertine accessories picked up in markets on her travels and a cupboard filled with tableware (a particular passion of Natalia’s) that help create a different tablescape each night at Miyar’s otherwise timeless and neutral dining area.

I'm a great believer that your home should be an expression of your personal narrative, so when i was designing this apartment for myself I wanted to be surrounded by pieces that I love.
Natalia Miyar

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