The Best of Lighting Design: 6 Luxury Brands to Know

From AERIN to Guaxs, meet the brightest stars in lighting design

Delivering form and function, on-point lighting is a core addition to any well-curated home. Get it right with the help of the best names in the business and your entire space will glow in more ways than one.

Which lighting designers resonate most with you and your interior? Discover your favourite brand stories in our round-up of the lighting names to know right now.

The Best of Lighting Design: 6 Luxury Brands to Know - Guaxs - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Taylor Howes


Guaxs lighting is your secret weapon when it comes to establishing instant sculptural impact (à la Taylor Howes in this fresh bedside setting). Crafted in Germany using centuries-old mouth-blowing and hand-cutting techniques, the modern brand’s creations are all about beauty in imperfection.

Guaxs breaks the mould by looking to natural forms and cultural artefacts for its inspiration, resulting in irregular-shaped, attention-grabbing designs. Note the way that the inviting glow of the bulb gently diffuses throughout these smoked glass designs. Next-level ambience? Check.

Brand Signature: Faceted forms, neutral hues, organic-inspired characteristics

The Best of Lighting Design: 6 Luxury Brands to Know - AERIN - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: AERIN


The home and lifestyle brand by Aerin Lauder (granddaughter to beauty mogul Estée Lauder) has mastered the art of effortlessly beautiful lighting. Classic but with a contemporary edge, the designs take inspiration from the founder’s love for art, travel and fashion.

Its lighting styles are subtle yet glamorous and explore a gorgeous new range of colours every season. Designed to be paired with the brand’s home accents, these lamps champion the elevated elegance and tactile textures seen throughout the entire AERIN collection.

Brand Signature: Golden finishes, attractive silhouettes, charming colours and textures

The Best of Lighting Design: 6 Luxury Brands to Know - Eichholtz - LuxDeco Style Guide


Extreme diversity is Eichholtz’s speciality. From lanterns that tap into an antique mood to the most modern geometric creations, the Dutch brand offers a spectrum of styles. It prides itself on sourcing the most effective materials for its designs, ranging from crystal for table lamps, glass beading for chandeliers and silken fabrics for its shades. Strikingly different yet timeless, these pieces are meant to serve a home for years. Use the designs to tell a story in your space, whether it’s one of space-age wonder or safari days.

Brand Signature: Unique designs, metallic finishes, distinctive silhouettes

The Best of Lighting Design: 6 Luxury Brands to Know - Boscolo - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Boscolo

Pieter Adam

When seeking a design that doubles up as a source of illumination and a stunning showpiece, Pieter Adam is your go-to. The brand is heavily focused on details and carefully considers every aspect of its creations – from its silk cords to the metal housing for each fitting.

Committed to quality, the lighting label works with a special pool of bronze artisans, glass blowers, granite refiners and silk weavers, so that no design is short of perfection.

Brand Signature: Luxurious, detailed-focused, contemporary with hints of tradition

The Best of Lighting Design: 6 Luxury Brands to Know -  Villa Lumi - LuxDeco Style Guide

Villa Lumi

With 70 years experience, Villa Lumi is a virtuoso in the lighting game. The Portuguese lighting company began its journey when founder and glassworker Floriano Ferreira da Silva dreamt of owning his own business. In 1941, he asked for one year’s leave from work and began cutting different glass components to decorate chandeliers, lamps and candelabras. Today, the brand continues to combine the skills of master craftspeople with exceptional materials, specialising in scene-stealing glass and metallic designs.

Brand Signature: Modern shapes, glass bodies, golden elements

The Best of Lighting Design: 6 Luxury Brands to Know - Healthfield & Co. - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Boscolo

Heathfield & Co.

Celebrated for its decorative allure and high-quality craftsmanship, Heathfield & Co. has all the makings of a standout brand. The English company’s mantra is “quality, exclusivity, service,” which explains why its pieces regularly appear in the projects of world-leading interior designers. (Take style cues from this symmetrical light display by Boscolo.) Table, floor, wall, ceiling light – the brand’s product selection covers every design you could want, catering for every room of the home. The look? Resolutely contemporary with a penchant for coloured glass and unique finishes.

Brand Signature: Sculptural metallic bases, elegant lampshades, tassel detailing