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10 Essentials For The Ultimate Luxury Pamper Night In

Add a bit of luxury to your pamper night, you deserve it.

Planning some ‘you time’? These are the best pamper night essentials to create a spa-like sanctuary at home. Do all ten for the ultimate pamper session or pick out the ones that you like the sound of most, then rest, relax and savour every moment.

1. Fill your home with fresh flowers

Pamper nights are at their best when you take the time to do some scene setting. There are two simple styling touches to make a big impact on the way your home feels. Having multiple vases of fresh flowers throughout your home is the first. You might normally have a large vase in a few of your downstairs rooms, like your hallway and living room, but, generally, upper floors tend to have fewer flowers. So, treat yourself and your home by filling every vase and even adding a few others so that as many rooms as possible are filled with petals and delicate floral notes. Think of it as giving your home its own pamper session. Where possible, try to choose seasonal flowers. This a lovely opportunity to enjoy them when they’re at their best and means you can bask in the current season indoors as much as out. Most people find white petals and soft greenery like silvered eucalyptus and fern the most tranquil in the home. Mixing real flowers with faux flowers is a compromise if you want some that will last longer. John-Richard’s white hydrangea bowl or snowdrop and tulip arrangement are perfect. Diane James’ beautiful camellia and peony bouquet looks really pretty in a bedroom or bathroom too.


2. Find a new home fragrance

The second touch of home styling you can do to prepare for your pamper session is to choose a new home fragrance that follows you from room to room. Nothing says unwind quite like an indulgent candle, so choose a mixture of scented and unscented ones – that way you’ll have the benefit of scent as well as lots of flickering flames from your pillar candles to create a zen-like atmosphere. Group differently-sized candles from the same collection if you like your interior to look more tailored. We love the musk-meets-jasmine fragrance and elegant vessels of the White Pearls collection). Or, if you prefer a more eclectic look, cluster different types on a decorative tray so you have an interesting mix of shapes, sizes and colours of vessel.

When it comes to choosing fragrance, it’s such a personal thing. Go with whatever makes you feel most at ease, whether that’s the light, floral notes of candles like Michael Aram’s Bumblebee and AERIN’s Galantina Fig, or something sweeter and citrusy like Cire Trudon’s Odalisque, or a more intoxicating and complex fragrance such as L’Objet’s Mamounia which combines rose, leather and honey. Remember that the heavier fragrances can become a bit heady though if you plan on burning them for longer. You can use the same fragrance in every room, or change it as you move up a floor or into a different space if you want to mark a change in mood.


3. Invest in new linens

Your idea of a pamper evening might mean heading up to your bedroom and lying in bed with a good book or stack of magazines for company. If that sounds like you, planning ahead and ordering new, luxurious bed linen is something you’ll thank yourself for. Picture hopping out of the tub, wrapping yourself in a fluffy robe (or silky one if Gingerlily’s catches your eye), and padding upstairs to get into a silky soft cool-to-the-touch bedspread of Egyptian cotton sateen bed linen – bliss.


4. Create a special cocktail

One of our favourite pamper night ideas is to spend some time flicking through Pinterest to find a special cocktail to serve. Especially if you’re having a girly night, creating a special cocktail feels a bit like a grown-up sleepover where, instead of planning a midnight feast like when you were hip height, you’ll be sipping on Bellinis – or Cosmopolitans if you’re channeling Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City.


5. Serve up your favourite canapés

Another idea if you’re hosting a girl’s pamper day – think about prepping light bites and nibbles for you all to enjoy pre- or post- face mask. You could theme your pamper evening so that your canapés are all detox-worthy, or based around a particular type of cuisine like French cooking or Italian food, or pull out Nigella and Delia cookbooks to pick out a couple of retro classics like devilled eggs. You’ll look forward to your pamper night even more when you’re able to start planning it all out in advance to fill the evening with lots of feel-good moments.


6. Elevate the little things

Pampering isn’t all about a spa-like experience. Think about anything that feels a bit luxurious, that you love doing but don’t do enough of, that’s a bit of a treat, that feels indulgent and out of the ordinary. It might be as simple as using a fancier shampoo, having the lamps on in every room so there’s a soothing ambience throughout your home, serving your canapés on lovely serveware, or using your finest china and glassware rather than your everyday stuff. Decadence should be the word on your lips.


7. Take a long, hot bubble bath (or jacuzzi if you have a crowd)

There are a number of pamper night essentials, and a long soak is definitely one of them. Maybe it’s a roll top bubble bath filled to the brim with bath salts or an expensive bath oil that you’ve been waiting to use. Or, an outdoor hot tub if you’re lucky enough to have one. Whichever it is, lying somewhere warm so that your muscles can relax and your mind can unwind is not something to skip on. Exquisite bath linen is the best way to round it all off – ideally warmed up on a towel rail to make the whole experience better still.


8. Enjoy a treatment or two

Make this part of your bath time ritual. Breaking out the hair masks, the face masks, the body soaks, the foot balms, and whatever other lotions and potions you have in a cupboard somewhere, it’s the ultimate ‘I need pampering’ statement. They’re the things that aren’t part of our everyday routine, so indulge yourself and your body by having a treatment or two. For a pamper day at home, think mini facial or pedicure.


9. Provide the entertainment

Another pamper session hosting tip – think about the sorts of things you like to do on a spa day. When you’ve got the girls around or even if you’re having a pamper night on your own, it’s so easy to end up doing the same things you normally do. To avoid your pamper time becoming run-of-the-mill, have some entertainment lined up so that things stay on track. It can be simple, like having a nostalgic boxset or film lined up or a huge pile of lifestyle magazines or a selection of games for you to enjoy together. You could even arrange all of your nail polishes so that you can sit together and have an at-home manicure.


10. Get comfy

One of the most blissful parts of a pamper day is being completely comfy and cosy for the whole event. Try to make every part of your pamper time special – towels that have a deep, fluffy pile; a robe to wrap yourself up in after a long soak; a pair of new pyjamas to slip into or luxury loungewear; a cosy water bottle to settle down with. It’s all about indulgence and self-love, so go out and buy yourself those cashmere bed socks you’ve had your eye on, or that alpaca shawl to drape over yourself, or whatever it is that makes you feel 100% at ease, chilled and restored.