Who can deny that the magic of Christmas is wrapped up in the beautiful tree baubles, twinkling fairy lights and overflowing garlands which have become so synonymous with the holiday? A highlight of many a child’s year is placing that special topper on the tree and the Christmas excitement can truly begin once those lights are switched on. It’s true that beautiful surroundings make the season even more special, more beautiful and more enchanting.

Thankfully, there are so many decorations to incorporate into your surroundings that your penchant for good interior design needn’t stop when your seasonal updates make their annual appearance. As interior designer behind our 2014 Christmas collections Sophie Paterson says, “Pick things that you think are beautiful and that you’d love [at] any time of the year – just because it’s Christmas doesn’t suddenly make plastic reindeer acceptable decor!” For a stylish Christmas, your home should be enhanced by your decorations; not sabotaged by them.

Think of your decor scheme as a mini-makeover of your home complete with careful planning. Consider your colour scheme, decide where you want to add festive pieces and strike a balance between existing pieces and new additions. To give you some inspiration, here are some of the most sophisticated decorating ideas on offer including stunning designs from the queen of seasonal decorating, Martha Stewart.

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The Real Deal

Nothing says Christmas more than the smell of a real tree. A striking evergreen trimmed with delicate ornaments and ribbon takes pride of place in this living room which is filled with vintage treasures. The stunning wreath, garland and candle display which adorns the antique glass mirror and mantelpiece hark back to Victorian days giving it a thoroughly traditional Christmas appeal.

The smell of a real Christmas tree is one of the season’s most loved memories.

A Very Handsome Christmas

Even the most masculine of spaces can be enhanced over the festive season with the right touches. The tree in this handsome home office is decorated with velvet decorations depicting iconic British motifs such as a policeman, postbox and Union Jack flag. “Christmas is really about fun, especially with children,” Sophie explains, “I wanted to pick some decorations that would make you smile.” Lanterns lit with tall church candles add a charming glow which can be enjoyed year-round.

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Tonal Palette

This vibrant entryway display – which includes a beautifully simple cushion moss wreath, coordinating garland and tree pots – is a great way to add an evergreen festive style to your home. Think about using a single tone for all of your Christmas decorations and get creative with different tones.

An all green palette is both brilliantly festive and suitable year-round.

Statuesque Proportions

A great way to add sophistication to your holiday decorating is to choose tall and elegant silhouettes and drop-shaped ornaments. A slim tree like this bronzed one is great for a smaller space like a narrow hallway or bay window. It’s decorations – which includes polar bears, mushrooms, pine cones and owls – are ultra-slender and the tree’s elongated trunk enhances its height.

By opting for elegant forms you’ll make use of your room’s vertical space and add sophistication.

Colouring Your Christmas

Rich magenta, tangerine and emerald green make for interesting and reviving choices especially during dark winter days. This garland includes elaborately tied bows (use wired ribbon – it maintains its structure better), decorative poinsettias, golden tassels and trailing glittered tendrils for a unique take on Christmas decorating.

LuxDeco Style Guide
LuxDeco Style Guide

Stairway TLC

Enhancing your home’s architectural features with carefully chosen decor is a clever way of continuing your decor theme throughout your home in areas which can’t house a Christmas tree. A stairway festoon is a lovely addition to your hallway and creates an instant impact when guests enter your home. Be careful not to include anything too uncomfortable in the garland (or you’ll prick your fingers) and always hang it on the side rather than directly on top of your railing.

A beautiful stairway garland will draw eyes, making the most of your architectural features.

Packing An Elegant Punch

This Norway spruce has had its branches trimmed to allow for twice as many ornaments to be hung from its branches – a great tip for those with bulging decoration collections. Since there are so many individual pieces, it’s wise to stick to a simple colour palette. The gold and green pairing, here, is the epitome of festive sophistication.

Trimming back your branches will allow plenty space for more baubles.

Elegant Colouring

And easy way to keep your space timeless whilst being festive is to tailor your Christmas decorating to your existing colour scheme. Including a warming candle, statuesque reindeer and glittering tree decorations complement the existing objects on this coffee table thanks to their timeless colour palette. A tree of glistening droplets, elegant doves and delicate glass baubles creates a celestial focal point.

LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: LuxDeco