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5 Stylish Ways To Use Marble In Your Home Interior Design

Transform your space with the help of the ancient raw material

Our recent marble edit has inspired a fascination with the ancient and near-everlasting material. Used in the construction of the most beautiful architecture and statues from the Taj Mahal to Michelangelo’s David and – of course – Saint Petersburg’s Marble Palace, it’s had its fair share of glory days. Thankfully, the beauty and versatility of the stone isn’t lost on modern-day interior designers. Here are our favourite ways to use marble at home.

1. Marble Surfaces

Do as the ancients did and replace painted, wallpapered or carpeted surfaces with marble-clad ones. Dark offerings are moody and add intimacy whilst the pale marble hallway above (by Jean Louis Deniot) is nothing but uplifting. The French designer uses the material with vigour in his Parisian home covering the floor, walls and roof, offering a nod to ancient architecture.

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Image Credit: Katharine Pooley

2. Marble Architectural Features

Beautiful staircases, fireplaces and built-in baths, instantly become much more grand when marble is thrown into the mix. Often it’s all a feature needs to make a statement so accessorise sparingly. Thanks to its gracefully sweeping bannister, this staircase by Katharine Pooley is like a stairway to heaven and needs nothing more than a tiered chandelier to draw gasps of admiration.

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Image Credit: Kelly Wearstler

3. Marble Furniture

Furniture has undergone a marble makeover of late too. Cameron Diaz’s Kelly Wearstler-designed living room is an example of how it can take centre-stage acting as an grand anchor to a relaxed seating arrangement. With marble-topped tables, always remember to use coasters and blot any spillages – some marbles are porous and liable to stain if left too long. Sealing is another way to prevent this.

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Image Credit: Kelly Wearstler

4. Marble Flooring

Polished marble makes a stunning flooring option for entryways and hallways. A circular table topped with a few key objet or a low urn of flourishing blooms is a sophisticated choice. Marble is very slippery, however, so, for areas of heavy footfall, consider including an area rug or runner.

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Image Credit: Joseph Dirand

5. Marble Bathrooms

A classic all-marble set up is the zenith of bathroom styling. It’s a great way to maintain a comfortable temperature after a steamy bath or shower and looks practically celestial. Parisian architect Joseph Dirand‘s offering is sheer perfection.