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5 Tips On How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Transform your bedroom into a haven of tranquility in a few easy steps with Feng Shui

Carina Bartle By Carina BartleVP Sales & Partnerships

Feng shui, a set of traditional Chinese design principles, is an interior design discipline that might just change your life. The practice – which has been around for millennia – aims to harmonise you with your surroundings and strike the optimal balance of its natural elements – water, fire, earth, plants and metal.

Here New York-based expert and interior designer Reiko gives us the low-down with her top five feng shui tips on styling a bedroom that’s as kind to your health as it is to the eyes.

1. To attract and keep a harmonious relationship: Create balance around the bed

Always have a bedside table and lamp on each side of the bed. If there isn’t room for another person to comfortably enter and use the bed, you are not allowing space for a satisfying relationship to show up.

2. To improve sleep and enhance romance: Turn your room into a “cocoon”

By cocoon I mean that your bedroom should feel warm, cozy, and protected. Place a large rug under the bed, invest in sumptuous linens, and hang nice thick draperies that can shut out the world. This creates a “Yin” atmosphere which is good for romance and sound sleep.

3. To keep health strong: Do not sleep under a beam

Ceiling beams break the smooth flow of energy overhead, and can aggravate existing health issues. If you cannot move your bed out from under a beam, consider investing in a canopy bed. The fabric overhead acts as a remedy by energetically separating you from the beam.

4. To lower stress: Unplug

This is one part of your home that should not be dominated by the outside world. Do not have a home office in your bedroom, avoid a TV if possible, and limit the use of iPads and phones in bed. A reduction of stimulation is key if you want to truly let go of the day and reconnect with yourself.

5. To allow anything new to come into your life: Clear everything out from under the bed

Clutter under the bed blocks the flow of chi energy, and when energy is blocked, nothing new can show up. Clearing clutter under your bed, and in all parts of your life, is a simple way to allow new people and opportunities to enter.