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How To Refresh Your Guest Bedroom: Design Ideas

Primping your guest bedroom is perhaps the most self-gratifying hosting you’ll ever do.

Carina Bartle By Carina BartleVP Sales & Partnerships

With the inevitable Christmas guest influx on the snow-clad horizon, now’s as good a time as any to get your abode into proper hotel-worthy order. Of course, if any room is to channel that home-away-from-home appeal it should be your guest bedroom. Free from the day-to-day disheveling that is just getting ready for work/the gym/going out, these occasional rooms are picture-perfect sanctuaries which represent how we’d like our houses to look all the time. Let’s face it—we all live vicariously through our guest rooms (well, who doesn’t want freshly laundered dressing gowns and blooming bouquets every day?) So do yourself (and your visitors) a favour and give yours a seasonal upgrade. Go on—we won’t tell them it’s not totally for them.

1. Keep Your Guest Room Neutral

It just makes good sense to decorate a guest room with only style and not gender in mind – one week it’s your great aunt Susie and the next it’s your city slicker cousin. Keep tones neutral and don’t include anything that’s overly feminine or masculine.

2. Make Your Guest Room Welcoming

Having said that, flowers are most definitely allowed as are extra blankets, hot water bottles and incense sticks which fill rooms with an aroma as pleasing as a candle without having to keep an eye on them. A guest room should fall somewhere between the comfort of home and the indulgence of a hotel.

3. Provide Your Guests with The Essentials

Guest bedroom essentials like a bale of towels, laundry bag and dressing gown might seem basic but that doesn’t mean their standard has to be. Think monogrammed towels (your initials, of course), high thread count linens and luxuriously soft cotton towelling.

4. Offer Your Guests The Unexpected

A stylish lap tray is the foundation of the perfect breakfast in bed, which ought to to served on the most beautiful serveware, of course, while a handy leather tray keeps loose change safe.

5. Remember The Forgotten

It’s inevitable that something will be forgotten in the process of planning and packing for a trip. Don’t have your guests endure their stay without a nighttime read, photos of their family or toiletry essentials.

Header Image Credit: Helen Green Design