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How To Revamp your Hallway Design

Make an entrance with these game-changing tips

Joanne Quinn By Joanne QuinnSenior Interior Designer

They say that first impressions are lasting ones and that we make up our minds about a person within the first few seconds of meeting them. Same goes for our homes.

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Entryways are often the unforgotten cousins of the more popular living room or kitchen but these small spaces say as much about our home as the rest. Can you imagine a grand hotel without at least one fabulous chandelier hanging in its entryway, a statement hallway chair or a striking hallway table display? Of course not! Perish the thought.

How To Revamp your Hallway Design | Interior Design |

Image Credit: Helen Green Design

Doubling up as a first and last impression – it’s the first thing that greets us after a long day at work and the last image of home we leave everyday – our hallways deserve a little bit of TLC from time to time.

Here are our 5 top hallway design tips on how to turn the humble vestibule from so-so to hot topic before you can say, “Honey, I’m home”.

1. Choose an Anchor Piece for your hallway

Some sort of table is a must-have piece of hallway furniture for your by-the-door area. For practical purposes, it provides hallway storage, a place to rest your bag or briefcase as you make the last minute check for phone and keys; for aesthetic purposes (just as important, of course), we love the attention a well-curated console vignette can command.

2. Accessorise your hallway

Accessories are everything to a home; functional hallway accessories are even better. A smart umbrella stand makes for a hallway essential and a beautiful vase will encourage you to always have fresh flowers which are a delight to return home to and are such a treat for guests. Finish the experience off with an aromatic candle.

3. Add a Wall Gallery to your hallway

Entrances, like other traditionally practical areas, are the ideal gallery spaces for your ever-expanding hallway art collection. Framed well, these items offer themselves as visually stimulating accents as well as demonstrating the cultural tastes of the discerning residents. Or if you want to maximise light and make your space feel bigger, opt for a grand hallway mirror which will sit perfectly above your console table.

4. Bring Light to your hallway

Unless you’ve got enough hallway space to rival a small country, keep the area bathed in light. Adding a statement hallway light like a game-changing chandelier or a beautifully crafted table lamp will offer your space more than an interesting focal feature – although it doesn’t hurt that it’s guaranteed to boost glamour points as well.

5. Don’t forget about your hallway Floor Covering

Choose a deeper palette or a patterned piece to ‘ground’ the space and to avoid the tell-tale signs of heavy footfall. Taupe is a timeless choice for a hallway rug which will suit most warmer palettes whilst a new-neutral grey feels sleek and modern.