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How to Style a Bed with Laura Hammett

The interior designer reveals just what you need to make the perfect bed

Jade Bloomfield By Jade BloomfieldEditor

Interior designer Laura Hammett reveals her steps for styling a luxurious and enticing Bed and showcases some of her favourite pieces from her Laura Hammett Living x LuxDeco collection.

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"When styling a bed it shouldn't take you ages once you've got the formula," says the designer before before taking us through just what hers entails.

Prepare your Bed Linen

“The bedspread in this collection is a very soft pale ivory and it has got a contrast border which is tonal and runs all the way along the side and then you've got this beautiful corner detail which plays with this stepped border”

Stack Oversized Cushions for Height

“The cushions I lay flat, I just think they look much neater, you also get this really nice height. Go for really plump, full cushions; I always go for Super King even when it’s a King sized bed. Oxford edging is really important as well”

Hot to style a bed with Laura Hammett | Style Guide

Image Credit: LuxDeco

Embellish with Decorative Cushions

“For a king size, I would style it with two big cushions and then soften it with these smaller ones that sit just in front, but for a Super King I would add a third in front just to give it that extra volume. The cushions have a slightly different detail, they’ve got this slightly stepped down oxford border on the outer side which is in a satin on both sizes, they’ve got a nice satin backing and this fabric has a really beautiful textured finish, we’ve paired it with a very soft, muted, pale blue in a very soft velvet”

Master the Bedspread

“With the bedspread, I’ve laid this out on a single layer right the way down, then I’ve pulled it back, then you fold it back over on itself to create this fold here so that you have the border showing at the top”

Hot to style a bed with Laura Hammett | Style Guide

Image Credit: LuxDeco

Add the Finishing Touches

“This trinket box is one of my favourite pieces in the collection and I wanted to show you how I use it at home. Inside it I have all the pieces that I keep next to my bed that I need on a daily basis and then this top doubles up as a really nice trinket tray. Because of the angles it’s got a flat surface at the top, so if you pop it down you can take your daily jewellery off before you go to bed and just pop it in that top section”

Header image credit: LuxDeco