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How To Throw A Luxury New Year’s Eve Party At Home

Wow your guests with a sophisticated introduction to 2022

Carina Bartle By Carina BartleVP Sales & Partnerships

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Your Christmas plans may be in full swing but the festive season isn’t complete without a celebratory finale in the form of a grand New Year’s Eve party. The week between December 25th and December 31st is one of the fastest of the year. Preparation is the key to cool and collected entertaining. Get ahead on your New Year’s Eve plans so that you can relax and enjoy time with family and friends later.

How To Throw A New Year's Eve Party At Home – New Year's Eve Games

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New Year’s Eve Games

Make New Year’s Eve a classy affair with some sophisticated luxury games. Quick and casual, these games are perfect for apres-welcome cocktails, facilitating new friendships or as an activity for your more introverted guests to retire to throughout the night. Leave them on your coffee table and they’ll be a favourite at get togethers all year round too.

How To Throw A New Year's Eve Party At Home – New Years Eve Drinks

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New Year’s Eve Drinks

New Year’s Eve drinks seem to revolve around fizzing cocktails and warming hot toddies. Orange, pomegranate, cranberry and scotch are popular winter flavours for cocktails and the addition to champagne can New-Years-Eve even the most summery of cocktails. For something more substantial, cognac, espresso, ginger and mulled wine are winter staples that guests will expect.

How To Throw A New Year's Eve Party At Home – New Year's Eve Food

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New Year’s Eve Food

After the busyness of Christmas, New Year’s Eve should be as stress-free as possible. Cheese, nuts and gourmet crisps are your friends on New Year’s Eve. Load a marble cheese board with interesting artisan cheeses and enhance with figs, grapes and quince for an easy but satisfying spread. Fill some pretty nut dishes with special festive selections and wooden or silver bowls with crisps in all kinds of seasonal varieties. Homemade or ordered canapes displayed on beautiful silver platters are wonderfully elegant and just enough to keep guests going. A delicious winter salad of pulses, rocket and squash can be included to offer a lighter alternative. Dish up with flawless serving sets, pretty salt and pepper pots and metallic thread napkins.