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Irresistible texture combinations designers love

From bouclé and travertine to rattan and plaster, these are the texture pairings you'll want to replicate.

Joanne Quinn By Joanne QuinnSenior Interior Designer

A key pillar in interior design, texture holds the power to create depth, warmth and interest in a space no matter how pared back or elaborate your style is.

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Ask any interior designer and they will tell you every space starts with asking the client what mood they want to evoke in their home. Are they after moody romanticism, cosy intimacy or a refreshingly bright space? From then on it’s all down to the materials.

From bouclé and travertine to rattan and plaster walls, here are some irresistible texture combinations that have caught our eye with their flair for weaving a room together.

Irresistible texture combinations designers love | Style Guide

Image Credit: Ryan Saghian

Bouclé Sofa and Travertine Coffee Table

The bouclé sofa has long established itself as an illustrious piece in the interior design sphere. Spotted in minimalistic penthouses and eccentric homes alike, the bouclé sofa, with its delightfully nobbly composition, is going nowhere fast. Most typically found in an angelic white hue, bouclé’s soft associations team perfectly with travertine’s inherently solid structure.

Here, Ryan Saghian proves that grey bouclé shouldn’t be overlooked, nor should unexpected shapes. Topped with a selection of textured accessories, two triangular travertine coffee tables offset the soft warmth of the space and provide some definition. Recreated the look with added plants and breezy floor length curtains for a layered space that shows you know what you’re doing.

Irresistible texture combinations designers love | Style Guide

Image Credit:Ryan Saghian

Rattan Dining Chairs and Plaster Walls

Creating a raw rustic edge, plaster elevates even the most simple of white walls to a backdrop that feels considered and sophisticated. Evoking feelings of Grecian escapes and southern Italian villas, its natural finish offers the unique association of both refinement and relaxation.

When combined with rattan, the elegance of organic textures is emphasised. Saghian’s dining room, with its off-white plaster walls and dark wood table and chairs, has a balanced and cohesive feel. Counteracting the colour contrast with soft finishes, Saghian has aptly chosen curtains, artwork and lighting that have a delicate impression. 

Irresistible texture combinations designers love | Style Guide

Image Credit:Kitesgrove

Velvet Headboard and Figured Wood Table

Thinking of deep, rich textures? You’re probably picturing velvet.

Bold palettes work well for this one. Think emerald green velvet and dark wood with warm undertones. Finish with gold accents for a noteworthy, inviting space. Be careful with overwhelming the space though and limit the room to three hues. Let’s leave the talking to the texture.

Proving this dynamic works in just about any room, Kitesgrove’s bedroom and dining spaces have kept a large proportion of the scheme a neutral cream, not only allowing the texture to be the main attraction, but allowing for negative space keeps an all-important balance.

Header Image: Norm Architects