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Luxury Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2019

Get Mother’s Day all wrapped up with our selection of luxury gifts

When 31st March arrives, these Mother’s Day gift ideas will have hopefully bought a smile to many a face. And while the cliched yet classic presents of chocolates and flowers are always gladly received, the best gifts are those that are tailored to her character, her style and her lifestyle. Cue this round-up of ideas for luxury Mother’s Day gifts.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mums to Be

Mother’s Day presents can begin before your little one has even arrived. The trend for mother-to-be gifts has grown significantly in the past decade, marking and celebrating motherhood from its first moments. It’s also an occasion to spoil mum rather than baby. One of the most decadent gifts for mums-to-be is a luxurious armchair for the nursery. It’s something that she can enjoy with baby or when he or she is down for a nap. Look out for rocking or swivelling designs – helpful for soothing – such as our Lunar armchair, and ones with padded armrests that will be comfortable when nursing, like the sophisticated Giardino Chair by Eichholtz. Similarly, an armchair (and matching footstool for extra points) for your own bedroom is a generous gesture. It gives her a special retreat to put her feet up and relax, away from the busyness of the sitting room.

First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

What to choose as a first Mother’s Day gift is a case of less is more. At this point, the act of picking falls on someone other than son or daughter, who are too tiny to choose. But by selecting something smaller, it almost feels as though they could have been part of the process. First Mother’s Day gift ideas could include a chic photo frame like L’Objet’s Gold Stars or AERIN’s Blush Shagreen frame that captures a beautiful moment between mum and baby. Or a trinket box to encase a meaningful memory, such as their first lock or fallen tooth – try Rapport London’s elegant trinket box or Addison Ross’ graceful designs.

Unique & Unusual Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Unusual Mother’s Day gifts need not mean peculiar or eccentric. Interpret these presents instead as items she might not expect to receive. Items that will surprise her and be unique in the way that she doesn’t own anything else quite like them. This is where a divine blanket comes in, such as those by the masters at Johnstons of Elgin or Oyuna. An investment piece yes, but one that will last and that she will treasure, be it at the foot of her bed or draped around her shoulders on the sofa. A jewellery box is another suggestion as once she has filled it with her own personal collection, it becomes a unique Mother’s Day gift as she’ll curate it entirely. On the smaller side, a letter opener like L’Objet’s Stars design gifts her with something that will make post-opening a daily ritual to enjoy.

Gift Ideas for Mums who like to Travel

Some of the best gift ideas are those that involve you assessing what she currently has at home and how your gift can act as a complement. If she is well-travelled and has objets and curios from faraway lands on display, perhaps there’s a vase or ornament that will add to her collection. Or a scented candle with an aroma that will transport her back to some place exotic. Another Mother’s Day idea would be to present her with an item she can enjoy on the plane or by the pool – AERIN’s tic-tac-toe set and L’Objet’s playing cards – or Assouline’s book on The Art of Flying so she can recount adventures gone by.

Gift Ideas for Stylish Mums

Should you be at a loss as to what to buy for Mother’s Day, and the mother in question has an eye for all things refined, consider little luxuries that she can look forward to using. Thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts could include pieces to enjoy at bedtime, coupled with a note to say how she deserves to relax and unwind. Gingerlily’s silk pyjamas, anything from Chalet Affair’s sleep range such as its luxury fur eye mask (that comes in several fluffy colourways), and a sumptuously soft hot water bottle by Johnstons of Elgin or Ralph Lauren will undoubtedly be well-received.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Hostess

Coffee table books dedicated to all things dining and drinking are a way to express to your mother that you appreciate her love for entertaining, and here she can read about and learn from like-minded individuals. But if you would rather choose her something that she can use at her next supper party, a smaller entertaining essential like a napkin ring set, a cheeseboard, or a centrepiece candelabra to create ambience can be enjoyed by all invited.

The other way of looking at gifts for mums who enjoy hosting is to think, how can I say thank you for all the time she’s cooked, catered and cared for me? This is when the quintessential Mother’s Day idea comes in – flowers. Diane James’ elegant clusters of faux peonies and hydrangeas, and John-Richard’s pretty white hydrangeas arrangement will suit her sitting room or bedroom, bringing her floral joy every day. Because if ever in doubt, say it with flowers.